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Dwelling Location

Dwelling Location (DLOD)

This variable describes the location of a private dwelling.

Dwelling Location (DLOD) is determined by the Collector and is captured automatically from mark box responses in the Collector Record Book. The risk of processing error is therefore very low. Sample checks of the data were undertaken to ensure an acceptable level of quality. In rare cases, an establishment may fall into more than one category of dwelling location, such as a manufactured home estate that is also a retirement village, or a residential park that is made up of a mixture of caravans and manufactured homes; however, a dwelling can only be allocated to a single category. Where more than one response is marked, precedence is given to the responses in the order in which they appeared in the Collector Record Book (Other, Retirement Village, Caravan Park, Manufactured Home Estate, Marina).

There is no non-response for the Dwelling Location data item. In the small proportion of cases where a mark box was not been marked by the Collector, the Dwelling Location is determined during processing by referring to other available information. If the Dwelling Location cannot be determined it is defaulted to 'other'.

While the risk of a Collector mis-classifying the Dwelling Location of a dwelling is low, certain types of Dwelling Location were given particular attention during processing. This resulted in identification and amendment of a small number of dwellings that had been mis-classified. Notably, some housing estates and gated communities had been incorrectly marked by the Collector as 'Manufactured Home Estates'. This variable was subject to greater scrutiny in 2011 than in previous Censuses, which may impact on comparisons over time, particular for the Manufactured Home Estates category.

More information on DLOD is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

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