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QuickStats allows you to quickly and easily access summary information about the people, families and dwellings in an area and compare it to state and national data. At the state and national level, 2011 QuickStats will highlight key differences between 2006 and 2011 Census data.

QuickStats allows you to gain a basic understanding of Census data for your chosen area at a glance. You can access QuickStats for most areas within Australia, ranging from small areas to state, territory and Australia level. Postal areas and suburbs provide familiar locations for you, while the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) provides other statistical location types.

The information can be easily viewed and printed. It is an ideal product for students, small businesses and community groups needing general statistics for an area. If you are interested in more detailed information about your area, a link is provided to the Community Profile.

2011 QuickStats will allow you to search by typing a place name or postcode into the QuickStats search box. Advanced Search will allow you to enter more information about your location, such as an address, or to pick a location from a map. Once you have chosen an area, a link to the Community Profile for the same area will be provided.

2011 QuickStats includes a map of the area you have selected, and key characteristics of the people in that area, their families and the dwellings in which they live. The information can be used for presentations, proposals, purchasing or travel planning. Business owners and community groups can use QuickStats to gain an understanding of the communities they service, and students can use the information in preparing for assignments.

QuickStats Country of Birth is new for 2011 and gives a summary of key Census data relating to persons, families and dwellings for people born in a selected range of countries. Users can select from the top 53 countries of birth for geographic areas ranging from Australia, States and Territories to Greater Capital City Statistical Areas and Rest of State.

2011 QuickStats includes tables, graphs and key data for the following statistical groupings:

Persons - age, education, language, ancestry, religion and employment of people in the selected area.

Families - including family composition, single parent families and family income in the selected area.

Dwellings - including the structure and type of dwellings, number of bedrooms, household income, mortgage and rent payments, and number of registered vehicles.


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