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Media release –
New South Wales

40 Census Collectors hit the streets of Queanbeyan

29 July 2011 | NSW/72

40 Census Collectors will hit the streets of Queanbeyan today to deliver Census forms to every home, apartment block and hospital and ensure everyone is accurately counted on Census night, Tuesday, 9 August.

The 2011 Census also marks 100 years of national Census taking in Australia.

Someone who has already marked this magic milestone is 101 year-old Evelyn “Nin” Collett, a resident of the Kawaree Retirement Lodge in Queanbeyan and a grandmother of ACT Census head Stephen Collett.

“My grandmother is a great example of the many faces of the 2011 Census," Mr Collett says.

“Nin is a versatile, active member of society who has always given back to her local community through charity work and knitting donations."

Moving to Australia from England (Stratford-upon-Avon) in 1986, Nin was born on the 5 April 1910 and is only too aware of her grandson’s own contribution to the future of her adopted country.

“I’m very proud of Stephen and his work on the Census. This will be fifth time I’ve completed a Census form in Australia and just seeing how much Canberra has changed during this time, I know I’ve played my small part.”

Having been the Manager of Data Analysis and Planning for the ACT Department of Education and a Director at the Commonwealth Grants Commission, Mr Collett knows first-hand the importance of Census data.

“Census information impacts everyone. On a local level it allows councils to plan services and infrastructure years in advance.

“On a larger scale, the Census helps allocate significant sums of funding in an efficient and effective manner - including $45 billion worth of GST,” Mr

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