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Media release –
New South Wales

Shed some light on Census night tomorrow

8 August 2011 | NSW/111

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is encouraging everyone in Australia on Census night, Tuesday 9 August 2011 to accurately complete a Census form.

ACT Census Head Stephen Collett says that it's vital that every person is included in the Census as the information provided is used in planning the future of our country.

“The Census lights the way forward for planning services we use every day like roads, schools and hospitals.

"More than $4,000 per person was given to the states and territories in the 2010-11 Federal Budget. This was worked out using Census data.”

Mr Collett says the Census counts everyone in Australia on Census night, whether they are working, travelling, partying or at home.

“The Census is an important snapshot of the nation and counts everyone wherever they are on Census night. Only those who are overseas do not need to complete a Census form.

"If you’re away from home on Census night, make sure you’re counted at the place where you are staying. So if you are staying with relatives or friends, make sure you’re included on their form.

"If you can’t fill out a Census form on Census night, fill it out as soon as possible and answer the questions as if it were Census night.

"If you’re travelling “off the beaten track” on Census night collection points with Census packs are available. You can find out where by visiting our website or calling 1300 338 776.

"If you’re staying at a hospital, hotel, motel or hostel, ask the managers for an eCensus envelope or paper Census form.

“If there is no one staying at your house on Census night or you need more forms, please call the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776,” Mr Collett adds.

For more information visit www.abs.gov.au/census or call 1300 338 776

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