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New South Wales

330 Census Collectors pounding the pavements of the Inner West

3 August 2011 | NSW/105

330 Census Collectors have been pounding the pavements of the Inner West since Friday, 29 July to deliver Census forms to every household and apartment in the area and ensure every person is accurately counted on Census night, Tuesday, 9 August.

36 year-old Census Collector Caroline Crossan from Abbotsford Cove is looking after Wareemba.

As a mother of three young boys, a three year old and nine month old twins, Caroline is enthusiastic about the Census capturing growth and expansion in the area.

“I am passionate about the Census because it will give the local Council the information they need to provide the right services for everyone.

"I’ve seen a massive explosion of young people, strollers everywhere and we need to make sure childcare places keep up," Caroline says.

Currently on leave from her marketing role at Go Grains Health & Nutrition, Caroline moved into the Canada Bay area in 1995 and loves the local culture.

“There is a vibrant street life with a number of cafes and deli's and so many friendly mothers with young children.

“There are also many busy young professionals in the area who have been hard to catch.

"When collecting completed Census forms I'll be returning to homes in the evenings to try to catch people.

"During the delivery stage I've been explaining how the online eCensus option is a convenient alternative to the traditional paper form, especially for people with busy lifestyles," Caroline adds.
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