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Media release –
New South Wales

150 Census Collectors pounding the pavements of Hornsby

4 August 2011 | NSW/102

150 Census Collectors have been pounding the pavement in Hornsby since Friday, 29 July to deliver Census forms to every household, apartment and hospital in the area and ensure every person is accurately counted on Census night, Tuesday, 9 August.

Area Supervisor Maureen Grewal is overseeing a team of Collectors managing the Census count in the main Hornsby shopping precinct and surrounding urban areas.

“My Census area is extremely multicultural so I've recruited a range of Collectors with a variety of language skills," Maureen says.

“High rise units and townhouses have also been a bit of a challenge as many have been built in the past five years since the last Census. We've undertaken a lot of preparation to map out these changes."

Maureen, 65, who was a primary school teacher for 40 years, including 21 years at Waitara Public School, has been overwhelmed by the community's positive attitude towards the Census.

“I have been impressed by the high level of co-operation and goodwill in the community. Particularly from the managers of nursing homes and hospitals who are helping to complete Census forms for patients and residents," Maureen says.

"It's important that we achieve an accurate count as the Census provides vital information to ensure the right services are delivered in our area."

This isn't the first Census Maureen has been involved in.

“As a toddler I accompanied my Dad who was a Collector during the 1946 Census and again in the mid-fifties when he was looking after Dubbo farms .My brother and I would open and close the gates for Dad," Maureen adds.

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