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Enumeration procedures

for remote travellers

For the 2011 Census the ABS developed a new strategy for remote travellers. The strategy recognised the increasing number of people travelling in remote areas at Census time who were not staying in known locations or establishments. This strategy did not cover all travellers across Australia, but focussed on those in remote areas who were camping at small roadside stops or within remote National Parks and reserves.

Drawing on experiences and recommendations from the 2006 Census, the key objectives for the 2011 Strategy were to:
  • improve coverage of travellers in remote areas
  • improve public awareness of information available for travellers in remote areas
  • improve information available to travellers through the Census website and the Census Inquiry Service
  • provide key collection points for Census forms, mailback envelopes and eCensus envelopes to be available for pick up.

Designated collection points were established that were easy to access, covered all tracks used by tourists and were open seven days a week. Each collection point was stocked with Travellers Packs containing a paper Census form, an eCensus envelope, a mailback envelope, a Census brochure and procedures for the traveller to submit an eCensus form or to mailback the paper form. Procedures for the traveller included information for recording their "address" on Census Night, such as the GPS coordinates of their stopping point on Census Night.

Suitable collection points included: Tourist and Visitor Information Centres; State and National Park offices; Roadhouses and Truck Stops; Road Transport Authority Weigh Stations and Inspection Centres; and Telecentres, Commonwealth Government offices or Centrelink offices in remote towns or regional centres (e.g. Katherine, Broome, Mt Isa).

Details of these collection points were available through the Census Inquiry Service and were promoted on the 2011 Census website. Clear options were provided for remote travellers, including how to access the eCensus and general information on where people could get help.

For more detailed information, please refer to the ABS publication Information Paper: 2011 Census Special Enumeration Strategies (cat. no. 2911.0.55.004) which is expected to be released in August 2012.

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