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DataPacks –
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Sample 2011 DataPacks (with no data) are available at the Australia level, to help you decide whether DataPacks are suitable for your needs and for your databases or analysis systems.

You can download these files without registering by clicking on the links below.

Australia-level sample DataPacks

Basic Community Profile

zip file Short header (zip 1.72MB)
zip file Long header (zip 1.73MB)
zip file Sequential header (zip 1.71MB)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) Profile

zip file Short header (zip 1.39MB)
zip file Long header (zip 1.40MB)
zip file Sequential header (zip 1.39MB)

Time Series Profile

zip file Short header (zip 2.00MB)
zip file Long header (zip 2.01MB)
zip file Sequential header (zip 1.99MB)

For information about software and system requirements for using DataPacks, and about descriptors (short, long and sequential), please see DataPacks details.



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