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How do I download a DataPack?

You need to go through the registration process, then you're ready to download your DataPack.


Go to the Registration Centre and register to use Census products.

You will then receive an email with a URL. Click on the URL and subscribe for DataPacks.

Select and download

With your user ID and password, log in to DataPacks.

This will take you to the Downloads page where you can select your:
  • DataPack type, e.g. Basic Community Profile
  • Descriptor type, e.g. Short
  • Geography/Data, e.g. Local Government Areas for Victoria
  • Geography boundary type, e.g. ESRI shapefile.

Once you have made these selections, a table will appear.

The table below shows the options available after selecting short header descriptor type. By selecting a down arrow, you can download a DataPack file for the geographic level and geography boundary file you require, for all of Australia or for a state or territory.

DataPacks for Basic Community Profile with short header



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