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DataPacks allow you to manipulate 2011 Census data in your own systems

Census DataPacks contain comprehensive data about people, families and dwellings for all available geographic areas, with associated Geographic Information System digital boundary files.



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DataPacks are designed for clients who have existing databases or analysis systems, for example Geographic Information Systems or other mapping and tabulation systems.

DataPacks contain no software.

There are six Community Profile DataPacks and an Estimated Resident Population DataPack.

The Profile DataPacks are:
  • Basic Community
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous)
  • Time Series
  • Place of Enumeration
  • Expanded Community
  • Working Population.

Please see DataPacks details for information about:
  • software and system requirements
  • descriptors (short, long and sequential)

DataPacks online are free of charge, but you need to register and log in to download them.

Sample 2011 DataPacks (with no data) are available to download, to help you decide whether DataPacks are suitable for your needs and for your databases or analysis systems.

Note: To obtain the data for a single geographic area as a formatted 'Community Profile Table', go to Community Profiles.

Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics