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Customised Data Services

Where data are not available from the ABS website at the level of detail or in the format or layout you require, our Information Consultancy service may be able to provide customised data to meet your specific requirements. This is a charged service (in accordance with Commonwealth Cost Recovery Guidelines and ABS Pricing Policy).

Customised Data Services are suitable for users who:
  • want more detailed information than what is available in the online products
  • do not want to spend time extracting the free data available online
  • choose not to use TableBuilder
  • would like an ABS expert to validate their TableBuilder output
  • want historical Census data that are not available online
  • want data in a format or layout that are not available online
  • would like one on one contact with an expert to discuss their specific data needs.

Customised Data Services can provide:
  • output created and validated by an ABS expert
  • historical Census data
  • output based on ASGC, ASGS (excluding Mesh Block) and a range of other geographic classifications
  • data on a specific population of interest
  • customised data formats not available from online products
  • detailed cross-classified data using output variables specified in the 2011 Census Dictionary
  • training programs aimed at developing users' statistical skills to help make the best use of ABS information.

Customised Data Services can NOT provide:
  • Census data at Mesh Block level or any form of customised aggregation of Mesh Block units
  • information collected on the Census form for processing purposes only, such as date of birth information
  • data that are considered of insufficient quality, such as tables that are sparsely populated or low count cells.

Some users may prefer to use TableBuilder Pro as a means of generating their own customised tables.

To discuss your customised Census data requirements or to place your order for customised Census data tables, please call the National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070, or email client.services@abs.gov.au. Your inquiry will be referred to an ABS Information Consultant who will contact you to analyse your needs, discuss options, and provide you with an obligation free quote.

Customised Data Services

Information Consultants can assist you with your specialised data needs