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2011 Census updates & corrections

ProductKnown error or issueDate corrected
QuickStats Country of BirthThe 'Overseas Born' figures for the 2011 QuickStats Country of Birth profiles for New Zealand, China, India and Italy for the GCCSA geography level (includes Rest of State) were incorrect1 December 2017
Basic Community Profiles and Place of Enumeration Profile (including Datapacks)Family blending tables B27 and P27 contain an error with two cells of data.
Data for 'Step family with other children present' has been incorrectly swapped for 'Blended family with other children present'.
not corrected
QuickStats Country of BirthWording revised for household in explanatory notes and hover-over text to reflect that the data is for households where anyone in the household stated they were born in the selected country of birth.6 June 2013
QuickStats Country of BirthFor people living in Italy and living in New South Wales (only) the data is incorrect.28 March 2013
QuickStats Country of BirthFor people born in Italy and living in Australia, and for people born in Indonesia and living at a state level, some bench marking data is absent from the education table.21 March 2013
QuickStats Country of BirthFor people born in either Italy, China or India, and living in a Greater Capital City Area (includes Rest of State), the data for those countries of birth are incorrect.21 March 2013
Community Profiles, DataPacks and QuickStats for 2006 and 2011 CensusesThe ABS has identified an error in the derivation of this variable for the 2006 and 2011 Censuses. Some dwellings with a person-to-bedroom ratio of less than one (i.e. more bedrooms in the dwelling than persons) have been incorrectly allocated to the '1 person per bedroom' category, resulting in an average figure that is higher than it should be. This error affects all geography levels for both Censuses.

This error affects the Basic Community profile, Place of Enumeration profile, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) profile and Time Series profile, as well as the DataPacks for these profiles, for both 2006 and 2011 Censuses. It also affects the QuickStats for both 2006 and 2011 Censuses.

Please visit this correction page to obtain corrected data.
14 March 2013

Please visit this correction page to obtain corrected data.
Country of Birth QuickStatsTotal population for people born in Indonesia at state level (all states) is incorrect. All other geography combinations for people born in Indonesia, including at Australia level, give the correct total population.08 March 2013
Country of Birth QuickStatsThe 'Born in Italy' column for people born in Italy and living in Australia is giving incorrect values. 08 March 2013
TableBuilderThe sort order can occasionally change when classifications are added to a table displayed in TableBuilder, as compared with the same table when it is saved. Therefore the saved output file can display the classification for both rows and columns in a different order from the order displayed on the TableBuilder interface. This issue is inconsistent and occurs randomly. The data is correct.A patch file will be installed to rectify this problem, date of roll out yet to be confirmed.
BCP DataPacks – Australia The Basic Community Profile DataPack for Australia is missing some tables for the Commonwealth Electoral Divisions (CEDs).

The Australia folder for DataPacks with descriptors (both long and short headers) contains tables B37 to B46 (data for CEDs) for New South Wales only, and is missing these tables for the other states and territories.

The Sequential header DataPack is not affected and covers all of Australia.

If you need the data for other states and territories, you can obtain it by downloading the CED data for each state and territory with descriptors, or by downloading the Australian Sequential header folder.
Will be corrected in third release 28 March 2013.
TableBuilder ProIn the 20th November release of the 2011 Counting Employed Persons, Place of Work TableBuilder database, the classification label 'AGEP Age in Single Years' has been amended to 'AGEP Age'.

This means that any tables containing the AGEP classification saved prior to this date will not open.
Any tables containing the AGEP classification and saved prior to 20th November will need to be recreated.
DataPacks Expanded Community ProfileAll of the X32 'sequential' DataPack files contain incorrect data (the 'short' and 'long' versions of the X32 files are correct)21st September 2012 for online downloads and 20th November 2012 for the DVD release.
DataPacks Basic Community ProfileThe DataPack file '2011Census_B02_AUST_sequential.csv' contains data split into SA1 region IDs rather than as an aggregate for the whole of Australia.

Note: The 'short' and 'long' descriptor versions of the file are correct (i.e. 2011Census_B02_AUST_short.csv & 2011Census_B02_AUST_long.csv)
30 October 2012
Basic Community Profile Metadata file (file name: Metadata_2011_BCP_DataPack.xlsx)'Column heading description in profile' entries for B36 (descriptors B5366 to B5473) are out of synchronisation.30 October 2012
All Census products and Geography boundary filesIndigenous Location (ILOC) 50300503 Tjuntjuntjarra has been spelt incorrectly and should be TjuntjuntjaraNot corrected
Expanded Community Profile (XCP)In table X32, the dependent children categories of 15-17 years, 18-20 years and 21-24 years were created for all persons of the relevant ages rather than dependent children as stated. This table has now been updated to count dependent children only.10 July 2012
Basic Community Profile (including DataPacks)In table B02 the median total personal income ($/week) should be '2,000' for the following areas:
  • Mardie (SSC50470)
  • Burrup (SSC50114)
  • Gap Ridge (SSC50272)
  • Pardoo (SSC50623)
  • SA1s 5122317, 5122313, 5122005, 5121916 and 7105301.
2,000 is the maximum possible reading for this data item.
30 October 2012

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2011 Census updates & correction

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