Survey Participant Information - Environment Indicators Survey

The Environment Indicators Survey (EIS) collects data from businesses of all sizes. If you have received a survey form, your business is included in the EIS for 2018-19 to represent your industry, irrespective of business type (including not-for-profit organisations) or the size of your business.

By responding to the EIS, you provide figures that are essential to calculating Australia’s statistics for monitoring changes in the supply and use of energy, water and waste. These statistics enable industry, business and government to make informed decisions.

For this survey you will have received a letter with a Form Access Code to access your survey form online. You can then set up or log in to, your ABS Survey Account and add your Form Access Code to access the survey form.

To find out more about this important national survey, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need help, or would like to speak to an ABS officer, please call 1800 882 362.