Improvements to online surveys

The ABS needs households and businesses to complete its surveys in order to produce key statistics such as the monthly Labour Force Estimates, GDP and Retail Sales.

The ABS is upgrading its data collection technology which will improve our online surveys and continue to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information received.

Here's the timetable of when different surveys are due to move to the upgraded technology. We may adjust the timetable along the way.

Timetable for ABS Business Surveys moving to the new technology

January 2019, Business Expenditure on Research and Development
This was the first ABS business survey to use the new online survey tools.

May 2019, Jobs Vacancies Survey
To enable the ABS to undertake additional quality assurance for the JVS, the release dates for Jobs Vacancies (cat. no. 6354.0) will be moved back by a week for the May 2019 and August 2019 releases, to 4 July and 3 October 2019 respectively.