Detailed Microdata

Detailed microdata files are the ABS's most detailed unit record data and have been designed specifically for use within the DataLab environment. Detailed microdata have direct identifiers (such as names and addresses) removed and have had further appropriate confidentiality applied within the context of the other security features of the DataLab. Detailed microdata files can be used by experienced researchers to undertake sophisticated and in-depth analyses. All unit record data remains in the DataLab environment. All analytical outputs are checked by the ABS before being provided to the researcher. The DataLab can be accessed on-site at ABS offices or as part of the virtual DataLab trial program.

The DataLab is a data analysis system provided by the ABS for high-end data users who want to undertake complex analysis of microdata. It enables access to detailed microdata files and expanded CURFs.


There are a wide range of topics including health, education, labour force, migrants, crime, business, disabilities, ageing and carers. Some datasets provide access to ABS survey or census results while other datasets contain administrative data collected by other organisations. Available microdata contains information on which microdata products are available as well as links to supporting materials such as data item lists.


Authorised users can apply to access detailed microdata files in the DataLab. For more information, see Requirements for DataLab Access and How to apply.


Microdata prices provides information about subscribing to access microdata. Clients in universities participating in the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement are entitled to access microdata and TableBuilder products at no charge as Universities Australia has paid on their behalf.


To see how using detailed microdata files compares to other types of data, see Access Modes and Levels of Detail.

The following resources provide further information for microdata users:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Responsible Use of ABS Microdata User Guide

For further information on microdata confidentiality see:
How the ABS keeps your information confidential
Confidentiality Information Series from the National Statistical Service.

For support when accessing microdata products or system issues, email or call 02 6252 7714. The ABS privacy policy outlines how the ABS handles any personal information that you provide to us.