ABS/Universities Australia Agreement

ABS/Universities Australia agreement

The ABS/Universities Australia agreement provides a range of data services to participating Australian universities. Under the agreement, students, staff and researchers are not individually invoiced for their use of the charged ABS data services that are covered under the agreement. This is because Universities Australia and participating universities have paid for access on behalf of university members.

See How to apply for access to data services available under the ABS/Universities Australia agreement. Compare data services and Available microdata to choose the best data service for you. Not all topics are available in all data services.

For more information about Universities Australia, visit www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au or email contact@universitiesaustralia.edu.au.

Hundreds of topics and datasets available to university researchers

The ABS/Universities Australia agreement allows university members to access a broad range of topics, including the Census of Population and Housing, health, education, business, labour force, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants, crime, disabilities, ageing and carers.

Data is available though:

    • over 90 TableBuilder datasets. New data is released regularly and automatically added on the day of release to your account as a university member
    • over 100 basic microdata in MicrodataDownload. New releases are available on the day of release for approved university members to download
    • over 110 detailed microdata files in the DataLab. University members need to request access to each dataset as part of an approved project

Data services included or subsidised under the agreement


TableBuilder is an online tool for creating your own tables, graphs and maps using ABS microdata:
    • display counts or percentages
    • download tables as CSV, Excel and SD/MX files
    • view and download data as graphs and thematic maps, including PDF and KMZ
    • create, save and share customised geographic areas and recodes with other registered users

Basic microdata in MicrodataDownload

Microdata (unit record data) provides detailed information about individuals, households and businesses. It is released to authorised users for approved purposes of statistical analysis and research.

MicrodataDownload is a convenient way to access basic microdata:
    • designed for use in your own environment
    • secure download in your choice of file formats, with most available in SAS, SPSS, Stata and CSV
    • data items likely to be reported at a broader level than other ABS microdata products

Members of participating universities that have a Responsible Officer Undertaking in place may access MicrodataDownload.

Detailed microdata in the ABS DataLab

DataLab is a secure analytical environment for high-end users who want to undertake real time complex analysis of microdata:
    • view and analyse unit record information
    • recent versions of analytical software, including R, SAS, Stata and Python
    • files remain in the secure ABS environment
    • all analytical output that you want to use outside DataLab are checked by the ABS before release

Members of participating universities covered by the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement are not charged for standard DataLab access. Members are charged for any non-standard DataLab access. Charges also apply to custom data integration services.

See Data services prices for more information.

Luxembourg Income Study

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) is a cross national data archive located in Luxembourg. This data can be accessed under the Universities Australia agreement. For further information see the LIS section of International research including Australian microdata.

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