Provide us with information?

Data collection is central to what we do. In the future, more and more data will be collected digitally and it will be easier for you to give us information.

Your role in providing valuable information for our surveys is important, so we are exploring new ways of gathering data which are easier and cheaper for you.

You will see an increase in user-friendly online surveys, easy pre-filling and less surveys overall as we make better use of other data sources aside from direct collection.

Importantly, the confidentiality of your private and sensitive data remains a top priority. The ABS has strong data secrecy legislative provisions, reinforced by our practices, systems and culture.

What you told us....

Up to now most of our data has been collected using paper forms, face-to-face and telephone interviews with manual processing and a higher risk of system failure.

In 2016, we researched the needs, preferences and expectations of people who provide data to the ABS which showed us how we can embed user-centred design in its future data collection systems and portals.

We listened

Along with more recent usability testing, this research informs the design and development of ABS data collection infrastructure and the ABS Survey Portal.

In the future, more and more data will be collected digitally and it will be easy and convenient for you to supply information. Automated processes will replace manual processing, increasing the timeliness and overall quality of our statistical products.

The ABS Survey Portal gives you a central place where you can access surveys, delegate to another person, update your profile, access tasks or appointments, and seek help and support.

Recent innovations

  • Web forms for most business surveys and the monthly population survey - this means less manual processes (printing, mail and scanning) and more convenience for you.
  • The improved ABS Survey Account for all our business and household online survey participants is easier to use across different devices, and registers you more quickly.
  • Reducing the workload on households and businesses by using existing data sources - by bringing together existing information we can create new insights about communities, families, industry and the economy.


A printable factsheet outlining the benefits of the ABS Transformation program for the people who provide information to the ABS.

Download PDF - Data providers factsheet.pdf

ABS Transformation

What this means for you

Transformation in action