ABS Regulator Performance Framework Assessment Report

The Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework), released in 2014, forms part of the Governments red tape reduction strategy. The Government recognises the important role that regulators play in managing risk and protecting the interests of the community. The Framework reflects the Government's commitment to reducing unnecessary and inefficient regulation by encouraging regulators to minimise the burden on external parties created through their administration of regulation.

The Framework enables regulators to report objectively on the outcomes of their efforts to administer regulation fairly, effectively and efficiently, and to identify opportunities for improvement and better target resources for greater impact. Under the Framework, regulator agencies under Treasury’s portfolio, including the ABS, are obligated to conduct an annual self-assessment against 6 Key Performance Indicators and seek validation from a set of Ministerially approved external consultation stakeholders.

The 2017-18 ABS Regulator Performance Framework Assessment Report represents the ABS' third self-assessment against the Framework:

ABS Regulator Performance Framework Assessment Report 2017-18.pdf

The second self assessment related to the 2016-17 year:

Regulator Performance Framework Assessment Report 2016-17.docx

The first self-assessment related to the 2015-16 year:
ABS Regulator Performance Framework Report, 2015-16.docx