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Faster data access

You want faster data and we are working to provide it to you through innovations to our ABS website, ABS mobile apps, online applications, social media channels, and direct to external customers via automated machine-to-machine methods.

ABS website

We know being able to find and understand relevant information on our website more quickly and easily is important to you, and with your help we are building a new website to better meet your needs.

ABSBETA is where you can try out our new website concepts and provide feedback to help us build a better website experience. It is available to view now.

  • March 2020 - a more complete version of ABSBETA will be available, and
  • June 2020 - our new site launches making the updated www.abs.gov.au live.
    • Data how you want it

      You want data in a format that best suits your needs and the ABS provides multiple platforms enabling access. These include:

      • ABS Stats App: a multi-award winning App that allows you to easily access the latest statistics including Consumer Price Index, Gross Domestic Product, 2016 Census data and the Australian population clock on your own device anywhere anytime. Some of the app’s features include the ability to send or receive notifications for key economic indicators, share statistics and compare the Census data of two regions.
      • DataLab (or ABS Data Laboratory) provides detailed statistical data (microdata) to authorised customers across Australia.
      • NationalMap is an interactive map-based tool enabling easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies, including the ABS. NationalMap is a multi-agency collaboration.
        • Under development

          • ABS Stat is being updated and the new version will release data in milliseconds using new Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) based on the SDMX 2.1 standard (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange).
            • Easier data collection

              Data collection is central to what we do. We are working to streamline this process through digitisation, to make supplying information easier, faster and more affordable for all.

              Recent data collection innovations include:

              • ABS Survey Portal to access and complete your surveys, delegate to another person, update your profile, see tasks or appointments, and seek help and support
              • Use of web forms for most Business Surveys and the Monthly Population Survey. Web forms are faster and more convenient as they require less manual processing (printing, mail and scanning)
              • Quicker registration and ease of use on devices for the ABS Survey Account, saving time for all our business and household online survey participants
              • Using existing data sources to create new insights about communities, families, industry and the economy, reducing survey burden on households and businesses.
                • Gradually, our survey participants will experience less paper forms, face-to-face and telephone interviews with manual processing and a higher risk of system failure.

                  Increasingly, user-friendly online surveys will be used, with easy pre-filling. This means less surveys overall as we make better use of other data sources aside from direct collection.

ABS Transformation

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