ABS Data and Services

Every day, the ABS provides relevant, trusted, objective data, statistics and insights that governments, businesses and communities use to make important decisions.

The ABS recognises the importance of providing easy and timely access to high quality, diverse and secure statistical data. We are responding to growing demand for information and new opportunities to use existing public data to solve complex policy and service delivery issues. This includes by providing multiple platforms for safely collecting, releasing and accessing data.

ABS Stats App is a multi-award winning mobile application that provides easy access to the latest statistics including the Consumer Price Index, Gross Domestic Product, 2016 Census data and the Australian population clock. Other features include the ability to send or receive notifications for key economic indicators, share statistics and compare the Census data of two regions.

Data services are transforming the way people incorporate ABS data into their own environments. By 2019, ABS data and metadata will be instantly available upon release and updated in customer environments via an automated machine-to-machine access channel, without the need for any intervention.

ABS DataLab provides safe and secure access to highly detailed information (microdata) to a growing number of authorised users for policy and statistical research purposes, including the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and academic researchers.

NationalMap is an interactive tool that allows users to visually explore a range of government and non-government datasets for various locations around Australia. It is hosted by the data.gov.au website and utilises data services to automatically access ABS data. As more ABS data becomes available through data services the range of statistics available for mapping will grow!

Data integration (or linked data) brings together information from two or more sources to create new datasets, providing fresh insights about communities, families, industry and the economy. Through its data integration projects, the ABS is working with its partners to expand Australia’s capacity to use public data to enable improvements to government policies, programs and services.

      • Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA) is a nationally coordinated initiative to improve data management and analytical capability across government. DIPA will maximise the use and value of the public sector data through data integration for research and statistical purposes, allowing cost effective and timely policy development and evaluation. The ABS is working with Commonwealth partners to create high value national data assets for use in specialised analytical units focused on social, economic, environmental, and government efficiency policies and programs.

More collaboration with other parts of government, researchers, businesses and the community is an important step to better understanding Australia’s data needs. As part of the ABS transformation we are engaging more to ensure you have effective access to data and expertise.

Maintaining privacy is a core value of the ABS. Over the past decade, ABS has invested in the capacity and expertise to manage and integrate data safely and securely to produce statistical information. We have strong legislative and governance measures in place to ensure privacy is protected, and work closely with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to ensure our measures also align with community expectations and best practice.

The ABS has staff seconded to Commonwealth and state and territory agencies to help connect them with official statistics, data and insights. These agencies include:

Australian Government agencies
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian Taxation Office
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Department of Social Services
Department of Health
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
The Treasury

State and territory government agencies
Australian Capital Territory Treasury
New South Wales Treasury
Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Northern Territory Department of Treasury and Finance
Western Australian Department of Treasury
South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet
In addition, officers are seconded into the ABS from a range of agencies to share expertise and build analytical capability.

Image: shows list of 2016 Census data products, including QuickStats, Community Profiles, TableBuilder and Census DataPacks and GeoPacks.

Learning and development – The ABS can provide statistical training face-to-face or in an online learning environment. For more information email us at capability@abs.gov.au.

Customised data – The ABS can extract data and provide it in a range of formats to suit your needs. Charges may apply. Please call our information consultancy line on 1300 135 070, or you can fill in the online form at www.abs.gov.au/contact.

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