Secondary Distributors of ABS Data - Demographic Profiling


Please note: The following is a list of distributors of ABS data who previously held a Secondary Distribution Licence. Since the introduction of Creative Commons licensing for ABS data we no longer have a complete list of distributors. Please contact us if you would like us to consider your product or service for inclusion on this page.


CallCredit Marketing Solutions


CAMEO Australia
: a powerful geodemographic classification system designed specifically to profile, segment and target Australian consumers. Divides the population into 10 main groups and 51 distinct neighbourhood types. Built at ABS Meshblock level, the system incorporates the latest Australian Census of population, transactional data, proprietary data and data from the Household Expenditure Survey compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Marketers and market analysts can use CAMEO Australia to segment, profile and analyse the Australian customer market and use this intelligence for prospect targeting and site selection. CAMEO is available for countries all over the world. In addition to this, further insight can be gained by using the Global CAMEO Analysis suite in conjunction with the CAMEO Classifications. This suite provides further statistical breakdown of variables including key demographic and economic factor scores which can be used for advanced database segmentation.

CAMEO Analytics Packs:
provide a complete solution for those users who want to add Callcredit’s wealth of datasets and CAMEO intelligence into their Geographical Information Systems for in-house analysis and modelling. Packs are available for all the top markets in the world including Australia and New Zealand and enable users to benefit from the CAMEO Country Classifications, demographic data, standard boundary layer packs, full context mapping packs and drive time matrices.

CAMEO Online:
a unique online system which enables users to profile, cleanse and enhance consumer data for over 30 countries across the world. It provides marketers with an easy-to-use interface and the convenience and flexibility to analyse and process their data from their desktop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delineo Consulting Group

Phone: 1300 89 22 07

Delineo Consulting Group are providers of customised data and research services. In doing so, we are able to reflect the philosophy and knowledge base of our clients particularly in the Employment Services, Education and Clinical Research sectors.

Our objective is to enable organisations greater use and understanding of Bureau data. The 2006 Census is the latest available comprehensive data source for a substantial number of topics at discrete levels including Statistical Local Areas, Collection Districts and Postcodes. Utilisation of Census 2006 data assists in:
1. Informing ongoing commitment to service delivery
2. Education of staff
3. Guiding strategic intentions
4. Forming the foundation of strategic responses to assist in tender submissions
5. Compliments ‘local intelligence’ data to strengthen and support an organisations knowledge base.
Data is provided in standard or customised formats – tailored to suit particular geographical boundaries. Please contact us to discuss your specific objectives and data requirements.

Geomatic Technologies

Phone:03 9694 4244

Geomatic Technologies (GT) is a recognised leader in advanced mobile and spatial technologies and is among Australia’s leading providers of IT integrated solutions and services. GT offers solutions and services to diverse organisations to help them achieve superior business outcomes.

Our relationships with providers of authoritative spatial datasets allow us to combine spatial data from more than one source into a seamless integrated experience; giving you a more complete picture and allowing you to connect to other spatial services like demographic analysis/profiling, address geocoding, routing and address validation services for enhanced application functionality.

GT’s portfolio includes solutions and services for mobile work force management, asset capture and inspection, web mapping (including address validation and geocoding services) and solutions for data access, data management and data distribution.

Pacific Micromarketing

Phone: 03 9936 3900
Phone: 1300 766 420

Pacific Micromarketing are one of Australia’s leading provider of consumer marketing solutions and are committed to providing convenient, intelligible and actionable outcomes for our clients. Our comprehensive range of data resources, consumer segmentations, analysis and database services will enhance your marketing capability and business performance. Our consultative approach to client engagement ensures that the optimal solution is delivered in line with your business objectives.

Pathfinder Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

Phone: Melbourne (03) 9670 3030 or Sydney (02) 9221 5550

Pathfinder Solutions is a marketing and business insights organisation. Applying our expert industry knowledge with proprietary methodologies, we bring together client and market data to deliver actionable insights.

Pathfinder Market Analyser
, incorporating the C-Australia is a state of the art, purpose built geodemographic analysis software and data package developed by Pathfinder Solutions.

We also specialise in developing geographical market insights, customised segmentation strategies, prospect targeting, profiling, behavioural modelling and spatial analysis planning. We can help you to drive strategic business planning and local marketing campaigns; make a real difference to your bottom-line productivity, profitability and shareholder value.

Queensland Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation, Planning Information and Forecasting Unit

Phone: 07 3237 1115

The Planning Information and Forecasting Unit (PIFU) is a leading provider of planning information for those seeking to maintain or improve the quality of life in Queensland. We supply strategic information and analysis to all levels of Government and the private sector to assist decision making. Comprehensive reports and maps relate to topics such as population dynamics and forecasts, residential dwelling activity and urban land supply.

The unit also provides consulting services in demographic analysis and forecasting, geospatial applications, residential building activity and urban land supply analysis

rda research

Phone: 02 9927 0500

is a leading Australian supplier of geodemographic solutions for:
       Campaign targeting
       Retail optimization
       Customer segmentation

We have more than twenty years experience in helping major Australian & New Zealand marketers to tap their organisations' full customer targeting potential.

Our core capabilities are:
       Advanced geodemographic modelling technologies
       Extensive experience in database profiling and customer targeting
       Extensive practical knowledge of the Australian marketplace
       Access to a broad range of profiling source data
       Rapid turn-around of analytical results
       A deep commitment to client satisfaction

unique geodemographic products, bureau services and customized analytics enable our clients to target by location, expenditure patterns, demographics, lifestyles and customer behaviour. We also provide customized spatial analytics, mapping and modelling services and are a licensed distributor of abs data.

geodemographic solutions are used in customer targeting, retail strategy and insight development by blue chip corporations and their agencies in financial services, health care, FMCG, utilities, recreation, telecommunications, retail and marketing services.

Our solutions are supplied as enhanced data files, analytical reports, bureau data processing services, customized analytics & end-user solutions.


Phone: (02) 9612 8100

Salmat specialises in making the most of data and adding value to it. We are experts in name and address manipulation, database management, data mining and warehousing, analytics, data segmentation and selection, and customer relationship management. Salmat understands the importance of targeting your communications to the right audience. We have developed Australia's premier range of customer targeting tools to help you understand your market, then refine your message and reach out to your customers.

Products & Services
: Mapping of Census data, Household Spend, Marketfind (geodemographic profiling), Lifestyle (Panorama) linked to Marketfind and distributor of targeted unaddressed mail/catalogues.

Silver Stream Solutions

Phone: 03 8617 8160
Web: or

Silver Stream Solutions delivers strategies, technologies and data to clients to identify, attract and retain customers. Our Data2dollars solution brings together the data, tools and methodologies to resolve the common issues faced by sales and marketing managers. We enable organizations to: find new customers based on unique customer profile data, predict customer behaviour and buying behaviours, personalise offers to customers,choose locations/outlets or build sales areas that reflect where customers are located and build customer loyalty by better servicing customers – get them to buy more, more often.

Veda Advantage

Phone: 1300 783 099

Veda Advantage is the leading provider of business intelligence and credit reporting services in the region, providing accurate insights about more than 16.5 million individuals and 4.4 million businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Veda Advantage Solutions Group integrates proprietary, privacy-compliant extracts of credit data with a wide range of publicly available databases to create a unique foundation for many powerful products, services, and consulting capabilities.

Whether it’s the straightforward provision of targeted marketing lists and data hygiene tools, or the creation of fully outsourced customer acquisition and data management solutions, we can give you the power of information, tailored to the individual
requirements of your organisation. If you are a credit provider, retailer, not-for–profit organisation, government department – or any other organisation that relies on customer data to operate effectively – we can provide the tools and capabilities to maximise the value of your customer relationships.


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