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Please note: The following is a list of distributors of ABS data who previously held a Secondary Distribution Licence. Since the introduction of Creative Commons licensing for ABS data we no longer have a complete list of distributors. Please contact us if you would like us to consider your product or service for inclusion on this page.


Census Applications

Telephone: 02 9585 0200

Census Applications provides a large variety of services ranging from survey design through mapping to mathematical modelling. Population projections and derived information such as dwelling projections are a particular focus of our work.

CASAS (small area system)
provides easy access to Census data by custom area or locality. It provides all 45 basic community profile tables, plus 10 others derived from these, via a Microsoft Excel based interface. Area data can readily be compared over time, from 2001 to 2006.

DEMOGRAPH (population projection software)
Demograph users can easily make population projections for an area based on 2001 and 2006 Census data using this cohort component model.

Christian Research Association Service

Phone: 03 9878 3477

The Christian Research Association (CRA) is a non-profit organisation established by and responsible to churches of all the major Christian denominations, founded in 1985 to provide churches with information about religious faith in the Australian context.

The CRA provides customised reports on local areas and national trends particularly in relation to religious identification and for religious organisations including churches, schools and welfare organisations.

Delineo Consulting Group

Phone: 1300 89 22 07
Delineo Consulting Group are providers of customised data and research services. In doing so, we are able to reflect the philosophy and knowledge base of our clients particularly in the Employment Services, Education and Clinical Research sectors.

Our objective is to enable organisations greater use and understanding of Bureau data. The 2006 Census is the latest available comprehensive data source for a substantial number of topics at discrete levels including Statistical Local Areas, Collection Districts and Postcodes. Utilisation of Census 2006 data assists in:
1. Informing ongoing commitment to service delivery
2. Education of staff
3. Guiding strategic intentions
4. Forming the foundation of strategic responses to assist in tender submissions
5. Compliments ‘local intelligence’ data to strengthen and support an organisations knowledge base.
Data is provided in standard or customised formats – tailored to suit particular geographical boundaries. Please contact us to discuss your specific objectives and data requirements.

I.D. (Informed Decisions)

Phone: 03 9417 2205

is a company of demographers, housing analysts, forecasters and Census data experts who have developed on-line demographic and economic information products specifically for the Australian local government market. .id stands for "informed decisions" and our work is to provide decision makers within government and the community with readily accessible, easy to use and understand information about the community and how it is changing.

Our belief is that by making demographic information accessible to the broadest possible audience and promoting evidence-based decision making, we are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable society.

We work with over 180 local councils Australia-wide - delivering information and training that has the potential to significantly improve decision making at the local level.
.id’s products are;

- a detailed online socio-demographic profile of an LGA and its communities of interest. (eg suburbs, planning districts). Based on the 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006 Censuses, adds significant value to Census data by delivering information for custom geographic areas, time series, benchmarks, contextualised tables, charts and analysis. is delivered online as an interactive website. Example site:
Ž - an online social atlas of thematic maps showing at the finest level of detail (CCD) where specific groups of people live. Example

- a comprehensive online population and household type forecast designed to support resource allocation in local government. forecast.idŽ outlines the drivers of population change in the defined area and forecasts how population, age structure and household types will change over the period 2006 to 2031. Example site:

- series of reports which addresses housing affordability, housing consumption patterns and housing opportunities across a Local Government Area.

- an online economic profile that pulls together numerous datasets into a comprehensive story of a local economy.  economy.idŽ enables you to accurately describe, explore and promote your local economy. Example site:

MapInfo Australia

Phone:1800 351 576

AnySite (MapInfo Australia)
AnySite Australia -
AnySite is a powerful mapping and reporting application for developing site selection strategies, managing territories and analysing a broad range of consumer behaviour. Ideal for retail and property management, financial institutions, insurance carriers, and public sector organisations, AnySite integrates Australian Census data, along with other high value industry data to enable organisations to leverage location intelligence to analyse demographic profiles against specific locations.

MapInfo provides a range of other software and data products, and professional services to deliver location intelligence solutions to the business unit or the enterprise.



Maptitude Mapping Software is the intelligent mapping solution for business, government, and education. Maptitude is a powerful combination of software and geographic data that provides everything you need to realize the benefits of desktop mapping, web-mapping, and spatial analysis with a single, easy-to-use package. Consulting services are also available.
Mapping Software for Australia:
Australia Data DVD:
Mapping Software for New Zealand:
New Zealand Data CD:

Navigate Pty Ltd

Phone: 02 9436 3820

ArcCensus 2006

ArcCensus 2006 is an ArcGIS extension that is managed from its own ArcMap toolbar. It enables you to build a new feature class of census information from selected census attributes combined with standard or user-defined boundary sets. The census layer is automatically integrated with all the other spatial data in the ArcMap session and managed with standard ArcGIS functionality.

ArcCensus 2006 provides instant access to the 2006 census data with the ArcCensus 2006 toolbar on your ArcMap desktop and data stored in optimised repositories on your computer. It saves you time and costs by consolidating and presenting data from over ten thousand raw files in the ABS 2006 Basic Community Profile Data Pack.

Optional data packs are available for SEIFA 2006 and historical Basic Community Profiles for 2001 and 1996

Key features of ArcCensus 2006:

  • Flexible geographic selection capability. Select from standard ABS geographic boundaries or choose your organisation's own customised boundaries.
  • Aggregate any level of census statistics (eg CD, SLA Etc) to user-defined polygons by proportioning each intersecting fraction according to its percentage of the total area.
  • Choose your geographies using the ABS hierarchies eg select CDs by selecting Local Government Areas from a list or a map
  • Intuitively find and select census statistics columns to be attributed to your geography.
  • Select a range of ABS data cells across several census tables.
  • Create your own statistical columns using formulae based on the selected census cells.
  • Store both geographic selections and census data set definitions, including calculated cells, as metadata. This allows the same census field set to be defined once and used with many different geography sets or to use the same geography set for multiple census data extracts.
  • Generate reports from the data in your new layers. These can be printed or imported into other office applications for further analysis and formatting.

One on One Computing Pty Ltd

Phone: 07 4684 1388
is an Australian web site dedicated to assisting Australian organisations make decisions using the best possible data.
contains the latest Census and exclusive business data in an easy to understand format. Data can be accessed on Australia as a whole, right down to postcode and Census Collection Districts (groups of 200 households). Email for a free on-line trial of the system.

PMP Software Australia

Phone: 02 9906 2099

PMP Software Australia Pty Ltd (PMP) a fully Australian-owned company with headquarters located in Sydney. We have a branch office in Melbourne and business partners in Central Europe. PMP provides high quality mission critical software and consulting services.

Census 2001 Explorer
provides extensive, easy-to-use tools for viewing, sorting and filtering Census data. The data can be manipulated in numerous ways, including mathematical and statistical functions. In addition, users can easily add existing local data into tables containing Census data.

The Public Practice

Phone: 02 9011 8159

The Public Practice specialise in working with Councils and Government organisations to help you understand and plan for your area through demographic analysis.

We have a range of products that translate Census data into instant Excel reports, ready to print, PDF, or to cut & paste text, tables and graphs from as needed.

Affordably priced and with no recurrent fees, here are some of our products:

Community Portrait brings your Census statistics to life by explaining data and identifying trends. Your Community Portrait will compare your selected area over two Censuses and with your region or state, giving you 35+ topics examined with clearly written text, illustrated with customised graphs and tables.

Community Analyst examines variations within your community by comparing characteristics and changes across local districts or suburbs on 37 topics. Each topic has text, tables and graphs examining the changes. There is also a two-page snapshot of each area, summarising its key characteristics.

COMMUNITY EXPLORER and AGE PROFILER are interactive tools that let you select the topic, gender and age group you are interested in and instantly produces a report on your criteria.

COMMUNITY PROJECTOR is crucial for growth areas, helping you prepare dwelling forecasts consistent with population projections.

SPECIALIST PORTRAITS focus on particular areas of interest to Councils and include: Economic Portrait, Indigenous Portrait, Housing Portrait, Youth Portrait, Aging and Caring Portrait, and Community Cultures Portrait. Visit our website or call us for more on information.

Bureau of Transport Statistics
Transport for NSW

Phone: 02 9268 2811
NSW Transport & Infrastructure

The Transport Data Centre provides Journey to Work Data from the 2006, 2001 and earlier Censuses. Employment by travel zone, origin zone, mode of journey to work, industry, occupation and demographic variables.


Demographic Profiling
International Trade
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