Microdata Undertakings

ABS legislation requires that before access to microdata can be granted by the ABS, the Responsible Officer of an Organisation must sign a legally binding undertaking.

In addition to the Responsible Officer Undertaking, an Individual Undertaking is required to be signed prior to accessing the DataLab environment. The ABS will let you know if an Individual Undertaking is a requirement of your microdata access under any other circumstances.

Declaration of Compliance
The signing of a Declaration of Compliance is required by each individual microdata user prior to a DataLab session. By signing the Declaration of Compliance you agree to comply with the requirements for accessing microdata through the DataLab as outlined within this document, in the Responsible Officer Undertaking, and in the Individual Undertaking for microdata access. The ABS will request the signed Declaration of Compliance prior to use of the DataLab.

Responsible Officer Undertaking UC7
Individual Undertaking UC7I and DataLab Declaration of Compliance