Demographic Standard Reviews


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is currently undertaking a series of minor reviews of it's statistical standards and classifications related to cultural diversity within Australia. Below is a list of the standard and classification review topics with links to the current versions on the ABS web site.


Link to full Suite of Language standards (see list below) (1200.0.55.005 Language Standards, 2012)

First language spoken standard
Main language spoken at home standard
Main language other than English spoken at home standard
Languages spoken standard
Proficiency in spoken English Standard

1267.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Languages(ASCL), 2011


1200.0.55.003 - Religious Affiliation Standard, 2012

1266.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Religious Groups, 2011, (ASCRG)


1249.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Cultural and Ethnic Groups (ASCCEG) 2011


1200.0.55.004 - Country of Birth Standard, 2012

1269.0 - Standard Australian Classification of Countries (SACC) 2011

    The aims of these reviews are to ensure that these standards and classifications remain relevant and suitable for use in statistical collections while maintaining consistency in the collection of high quality data and improving data usability. A minor review of a statistical standard or classification may involve minor changes to definitions, and the inclusion of new content.

    In addition to use within ABS collections, other Australian organisations apply these standards and classifications in the collection of statistical and administrative data. The data collected using these standards and classifications provide indicators of Australia's cultural diversity.

    Data output from statistical and administrative collections aid federal, state and local government agencies in the development of appropriate cultural and language diversity policy and related planning, services and other initiatives. Other uses of the data include assessment of needs for services within health, educational, aged care and other organisations. Researchers from various Australian universities and research institutes use the quantitative data collected in conjunction with qualitative research.


    You are invited to participate in these reviews by providing information on matters which could improve the way these ABS standards and classifications support statistical collection and analysis. If you would like to make a submission to the review process, your feedback, by 15 September 2015 to will be appreciated. Please note that because the reviews are minor, no major changes to the standards and classifications will be made.

    If you would like further information about the reviews and the extent of changes which might be possible, please contact