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Newsletters - Statistics News New South Wales - Issue Number 8, September 1999

          Statistics News NSW provides the latest about ABS statistics including new developments, seminars and reviews.


          Carol Chan
          Economic and Population Statistics Unit

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          A seminar on understanding statistics about young people will be held in Sydney on 27 September 1999. The objectives are to: discuss the sources of data about youth; provide training in the background, uses and interpretation of these statistics; and provide an interactive environment to discuss the statistical needs of policy planners and service providers. For further information contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562 or email

          2001 HEALTH SURVEY

          An ABS National Health Survey is proposed for 2001. Planning is still in the early stages, but it is expected the survey will cover health status indicators, health related actions and health risk factors. For further information contact Mike Langan on (02) 6252 6403 or email


          The Home Security Precautions Survey, NSW 1999 will be in the field in October 1999, and is due for release in March 2000. The survey will provide data on security precautions taken by households. Key areas of interest include the presence of security items, reason for installing these and the amount of money spent on household security items in the last 12 months. The survey also examines motivation for installing security measures and the influence of existing security items on the decision to live at the current address. Contact John Stamolis (02) 9268 4660 or email


          These surveys are being conducted for the year 1998-99, and cover businesses, higher education institutions, government organisations and private non-profit organisations. Data being collected include expenditure and human resources devoted to R&D. Final results will be released in the period March to August 2000. For further information contact Derek Byars on (02) 6252 5627 or email


          Wage Cost Index, Australia (Cat. no. 6345.0) is released on a quarterly basis. The Wage Cost Index was compiled for the first time for the December quarter 1997 (with a base of September quarter 1997=100.0). Recently released figures show the index of total hourly rates of pay excluding bonuses for NSW increasing by 3.4% from the March quarter 1998 to the March quarter 1999. The corresponding annual movement at the Australian level was 3.0%. For further information contact Carrington Shepherd on (08) 9360 5151 or email


          ABS recently developed a draft Australian Standard Classification of Illicit Drugs and Other Substances of Concern. The classification is intended to meet the growing statistical need for a consistent methodology for the classification of drug related data in both the health and community, and crime and justice sectors. The draft classification structure and a background and issues paper are available upon request. Contact Cathy Williams (02) 6252 7996 or email


          Statistics for both the underlying and contributory causes of death are available for the first time in Causes of Death, Australia, 1997 (Cat. no. 3303.0). It is now also possible to examine associations between causes of death and analyse injuries reported in external causes of death. Contact Peter Burke on (07) 3222 6069 or email


          Household and Family Projections, Australia, 1996 to 2021 (Cat no. 3236.0) is expected to be released in October. This publication will provide projections of the number of households and families in Australia by State and capital city/balance of State for period 1996-2021. Also describes the method and assumptions used to produce these projections. Contact Sue Taylor on (02) 6252 6141 or email


          The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 1999 (Cat. No. 4704.0) was released in August. The publication provides a comprehensive statistical overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and welfare. It includes the latest information on a range of topics, including mortality; ill health; risk factors; access to, and use of, services; and recent developments. For further information contact Dr. Joan Cunningham on (08) 8943 2165 or email


          The ABS will be releasing a series of new publications in 1999 providing data on a number of allied health industries such as dental services as part of a continuing program of detailed surveys of the services sector of the Australian economy. For further information contact Annette Scott on (03) 9615 7677 or email


          An information paper is available on ABS Service Industries statistics. This paper outlines background, current and future strategies of the ABS Service Industry Survey program as well as a list of Service Industry Survey publications. For a copy of this information paper, contact Bill Markham on (02) 9268 4376 or email


          Business Longitudinal Survey, Australia: Confidentialised Unit Record File on CD-ROM, 1994-95 to 1996-97 (Cat no 8141.0.30.001). This product contains a Confidentialised Unit Record File from the Australian Business Longitudinal Survey (BLS). The BLS provides a unique database which examines a wide range of business characteristics and behaviours, and links these to performance over time. For more information contact Clem Tozer on (02) 6252 6726 or email


          Manufacturing Industry, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory 1997-98, (Cat. no. 8221.1) will be released in October. Details of employment, wages and salaries, turnover, and industry value added classified by industry class will be shown. In addition, industry subdivision data classified by employment size, and data related to exporting activity will be included. Contact John Ridley on (02) 9268 4541 or email


          Standards for Statistics on Cultural and Language Diversity, 1998-99 (Cat no. 1289.0) is due for release in November 1999. This publication will present information on the standards which measures various aspects of cultural identity. The ABS uses these standards in its publications and encourages their use by other government departments and community bodies. For further information contact John Hodgson on (02) 6252 7074 or email


          The Statistical Concepts Reference Library is a comprehensive reference of ABS publications describing the concepts, sources, methods and classifications used to compile Australia's major economic and social statistics.


          A new edition of the National Localities Index (Cat no. 1252.0) was released in July to reflect the changes for the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) Edition 1999. The NLI holds over 31,500 locality and 136,000 street records across Australia. Contact Alec Bamber on (02) 6252 7582 or email


          Need to design a sample survey or interpret sample survey results?
        • Introduction to Sampling Techniques on 9-10 November. This course covers: how to design and select samples, methods of sampling, determining results/estimates from the survey, quality issues and measures.

        • Turning Data Into Information on 6-7 October. The last session of the year for this ever popular course.

          For further information on these courses contact Rebecca Rodgers on (02) 9268 4744 or email


          You can now access Statistics News NSW electronically. Attached below is an Adobe Acrobat copy of Statistics News NSW for you to print off. Please contact us for more information.


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