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Newsletters - Statistics News New South Wales - Issue Number 10, March 2000


Statistics News NSW provides the latest about ABS statistics including new developments, seminars and reviews.


Carol Chan
Economic and Population Statistics Unit

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According to a report Older People, NSW (Cat no. 4108.1) over one third of Australia's older people live in NSW where about one in eight people are aged 65 and over. The report released jointly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the NSW Ageing and Disability Department draws on ABS research to present a detailed picture of the social and economic position of older people in NSW. For further information contact Elizabeth Pogson on (02) 9268 4855 or email


The ABS will not be compiling a "GST-free" CPI. As the CPI measures changes in prices actually paid by Australian households, prices used in the CPI have historically included commodity taxes such as excise duty, wholesale sales tax and stamp duty. Following the introduction of the GST, which replaces most of these existing indirect taxes, the CPI will continue to reflect changes in final transaction prices actually paid by households. This means that the CPI will be inclusive of the GST. Not only will the approach be consistent with the current treatment to include indirect taxes in the CPI but it will also be consistent with the compilation of CPIs in other countries where a GST, or similar tax applies. For further information contact Keith Woolford on (02) 6252 6673 or email


The ABS is currently approaching public and private sector organisations to identify holdings for inclusion in a Directory of Agricultural and Rural Statistics. To satisfy increasing demand the ABS is to update the Directory of Agricultural Statistics to include rural statistics as opposed to basic agricultural production data. For further information contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562 or email


We have commenced research aimed at developing experimental estimates relating overseas ownership indicators to private new capital expenditure. These estimates, by State, will be developed for the 1998-99 reference period. Contact Annette Barbetti on (02) 6252 5410 or email for further information.


NSW lost 14,300 people through net interstate migration, but gained 53,400 people from net overseas migration in 1998-99. The State attracted 42% of settlers arriving in Australia in the period. Migration, Australia 1998-99 (Cat no. 3412.0) presents data and analysis about international migration, interstate migration and the overseas-born population in Australia. Contact Christine Mason, on (02) 6252 6522 or


Recently released Regional Population Growth, Australia, (Cat no. 3218.0) highlights Local Government Areas (LGAs) with highest and lowest total population change. Commentary for each State and Territory is provided, examining population change at the Capital City/Balance, LGA and Statistical Local Area levels. Contact Sue Taylor on (02) 6252 6141 or


To be released in April New South Wales Regional Statistics, 2000 (Cat no. 1304.1) will provide a statistical overview of primarily economic data for NSW Statistical Divisions and Statistical Local Areas. Data includes estimated population, births and deaths, building statistics, agriculture activity, manufacturing locations, accommodation data, and local council revenue, expenditure and borrowings. Contact Merran Butler on (02) 9268 4194 or email


A recently released Information Paper, International Merchandise Trade Statistics, Australia: Data Confidentiality (Cat no. 5487.0), describes the application and impact of data confidentiality restrictions on these statistics, how to obtain a list of confidentialised commodities, and how the ABS handles requests for confidentiality restrictions. Contact Sharyn Sturgeon on 02 6252 5310 or


The Survey of Motor Vehicle Use (Cat no. 9208.0), released in mid-February, found that in the 12 months to July 1998, 8 out of 10 vehicles on the road were passenger vehicles travelling an average distance of 14,400km per year. Buses and freight carrying vehicles on average travelled greater distances (19,000 km). Contact Rob Boyle on (07) 3222 6294 or


Review of the Functional Classification of Building (FCB) completed. Data for ABS publications will be captured using the new classification from July 2000. The classification used in ABS publications will remain unchanged until such time as the impacts of the new classification have been fully assessed.

A description of the classification can be found on the ABS' Statistical Concepts Library, which is available on this site or on CD-ROM. Contact Loucas Harous on (08) 8237 7585 or email


The ABS will be contacting clients in mid April as part of a review of dissemination and data release practices
used for the Mining and Utilities Collection, and the Mineral and Petroleum Exploration Collections. During the visits we will also be attempting to identify data availability, significant unmet demands, and any emerging statistical needs. Contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562 or email


The ABS contributed a comprehensive statistical appendix to a recent publication Women in Australia 1999, produced by the Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women. A theme paper about older women in the International Year of Older Persons is also included. The publication is available through any Government Info Shop. For enquiries about statistical content contact Lindy Ingham on (02) 6252 5607 or email


Work on the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED) remains on track. The ABS aims to introduce ASCED into its collections through 2001, including the 2001 Census. ASCED will incorporate changes to the Level of Education and Field of Education classification structures, affecting the way data will be reported. For further information contact Wendy Piper on (02) 6252 7626 or email


If you have a general statistical enquiry or need information about the full range of products and services the ABS offers please call the Information Service. A consultant will provide advice about how ABS data can help you meet your needs. Data that is already published and can be provided within five minutes is free of charge. Information can also be tailored to your needs, time frame and budget. Phone: 1300 135 070, Fax: 1300 135 211, Overseas clients please call 61 2 9268 4909.


Due out at the end of March, The New South Wales Year Book provides extensive information about NSW with separate chapters devoted to: history; physical environment; government; demography; social welfare; education and training; health; law and order; labour; transport and communication; housing and construction; agriculture; mining and energy; manufacturing; service industries and finance and commerce. A feature chapter addresses household safety. For further information, contact Carol Chan on (02) 9268 4795 or email


Results of the 1999 NSW Home Security Precautions Survey are due out in mid April. The survey provides data on the presence of a range of household security devices, whether items are used, reasons for installing those items and estimated expenditure on household security precautions. Information obtained from the survey may be used to analyse the extent of responsibility that households take for their own security. Contact Naomi Millar on (02) 9268 4675 or email


The ABS NSW Statistical Consultancy Section will be offering the following courses in the next few months: Principles of Questionnaire Design, Analysing Survey Data Made Simple and Basic Survey Design. For further information on these and other courses, please contact Julie Young on (02) 9268 4497 or email

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1300.1New South Wales Year Book 2000 ($44.00)
1301.0Year Book Australia, 2000 ($77.00)
1307.1Economic Indicators, New South Wales, February 2000 ($16.00)
3201.0Population by Age and Sex , Australian States and Territories, June 1999 ($17.00)
3218.0Regional Population Growth, Australia, 1998-99 ($24.00)
3311.1Demography, New South Wales, 1998 ($22.00)
3401.0Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, December 1999 ($16.50)
4108.1Older People, New South Wales ($15.00)
4109.0Older People, Australia: A Social Report, 1999 ($30.00)
4114.0 Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues, Australia, April 1999 ($19.50)
4174.0 Sports Attendance, Australia, April 1999 ($18.50)
4220.0Schools, Australia, 1999, Preliminary ($15.50)
4602.0 Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices, March 1999 ($20.00)
5206.0.40.001Australian National Accounts: Quarterly State Details, September Quarter 1999 ($22.00)
5220.0Australian National Accounts: State Accounts, 1998-99 ($28.00)
5609.0Housing Finance for Owner Occupation, Australia, December 1999 ($16.00)
5646.0 State Estimates of Private New Capital Expenditure, Sept Quarter 1999 ($17.00)
6201.1Labour Force New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, November 1999 ($21.00)
6202.0.40.001 Labour Force, Teenage Employment and Unemployment, Australia - Data Report, November 1999, Preliminary ($40.00)
6222.0 Job Search Experience of Unemployed Persons, Australia, July 1999 ($18.50)
6227.0 Transition from Education to Work, Australia, May 1999 ($19.50)
6293.0.00.002Occasional Paper: Labour Market Programs, Unemployment and Employment Hazards ($21.00)
6345.0 Wage Cost Index, Australia, September Quarter 1999 ($16.50)
6354.0Job Vacancies, Australia, November 1999 ($16.00)
6359.0Forms of Employment, Australia, August 1998 ($20.00)
6401.0Consumer Price Index, Australia, December Quarter 1999 ($17.50)
6407.0Price Index of Materials Used in Building Other Than House Building, Six State Capital Cities, December Quarter 1999 ($16.50)
6408.0Price Index of Materials Used in House Building, Six State Capital Cities, December Quarter 1999 ($15.50)
6416.0 House Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, September Quarter 1999 ($16.50)
7506.0 Agricultural Industries, Financial Statistics, Australia, Preliminary, 1998-99 ($15.50)
8225.0 Manufacturing, Australia, 1999 ($27.00)
8501.0 Retail Trade, Australia, December 1999 ($16.50)
8635.1.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, New South Wales, September Quarter 1999 ($40.00)
8731.1Building Approvals, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, December 1999 ($18.00)
8752.1Building Activity New South Wales, September Quarter 1999 ($16.50)
8922.0Australia's Young People: Their Health and Wellbeing, 1999 ($35.00)
9208.0 Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia, 31 July 1998 ($18.50)
9301.0New Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia: Preliminary, January 2000 ($15.00)

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