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Newsletters - CDATA Newspoint - Issue 12, March 2007
    Preview 2006 Census Products Now!

    QuickStats and Community Profiles
    You now have the opportunity to see how QuickStats and Community Profiles will look for 2006. The templates for these products are now available for viewing on our web site, from the product briefs and can be accessed from:

    The templates for QuickStats and Community Profiles show which data items are included and the level of detail of the classifications. They show how the new 2006 Census topics will output. Templates for all of the Community Profiles are illustrated, comprising the:
    • Basic Community Profile
    • Indigenous Profile
    • Time Series Profile.
    • Place of Enumeration Profile
    • Expanded Community Profile
    • Working Community Profile

    Census Tables and QuickMaps
    In coming weeks we will be previewing other 2006 Census products. We will be releasing templates for the Census Tables and providing details for QuickMaps.

    The Census Tables are designed for clients who are interested in either data on a particular geographic area, or data on a specific topic. Each of the tables contain Census characteristics of persons, families and dwellings, covering most topics in the Census.

    QuickMaps are designed to provide users with quick and easy access to thematically mapped Census statistics. The maps will be available for larger geographies and will show selected population, ethnicity, education, family, income, labour force and dwelling characteristics.

    2001 QuickMaps released!
    At the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we are continuing to improve our web site as part of our commitment to provide easy access to Census information. As part of this commitment we recently released the new ‘QuickMaps’ product.

    Image: QuickMaps  Available Now

    QuickMaps displays a range of free 2001 Census thematic maps based on larger geographies depicting selected population, ethnicity, family, income, labour force and dwelling characteristics.

    Free ‘2001 QuickMaps’ can be accessed from\census

    More new products will be available online in the future:
    • CDATA Online - A sophisticated product aimed at offering expert clients the freedom to select and combine geographic areas from a single collection district through to an entire state or Australia.
    • Table Builder - Aimed at experienced users of Census data, this product will allow you to design and populate your own tables of Census data via an interactive web interface.

    Bookmark and follow the Census link to check out new Census developments as they happen. Should you have any feedback regarding the new range of products, please email us at

    Michael Beahan
    Census Products & Services

    Predictive Analytics - New MapInfo product for the 2006 Census

    Image: MapInfo Australia

    CDATA users will be familiar with the long standing partnership between the ABS and MapInfo in producing CDATA. As many users will be aware, the ABS has made a decision to produce an on-line version of CDATA for 2006 with a focus on less sophisticated GIS functionality. Many desktop users, particularly those with an interest in sophisticated GIS functionality, have asked about what alternatives would be available and whether MapInfo would be producing a product for the 2006 Census.

    The good news is that MapInfo, in consultation will many existing CDATA clients, have been developing a product for the 2006 Census called Predictive Analytics. A series of briefing sessions and workshops will be run by MapInfo from the 19th March 2007 in numerous cities to inform users of what MapInfo can now offer to analysts and decision makers.

    To find out more about MapInfo’s Predictive Analytics Briefing Sessions please contact:
    Fiona Isaac on 02-8925 7306 or e-mail or visit:

    Of course as more information becomes available about what our other Census intermediaries are planning we'll endeavour to bring it to your attention.

    Year Book Australia 2007.

    The ABS has numerous statistics, which may assist you in making the correct decisions.

    Recently the ABS has released the Year Book Australia for 2007.

    Image: Year Book Australia - order 2007 edition now

    Year Book Australia provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of various aspects of our great nation. This magnificent volume contains 30 chapters dealing with Australia's geography and climate, government, international relations, defence, education and health and welfare support systems; plus many more interesting topics.

    The 2007 Year Book Australia also celebrates 100 years continuous service to the nation by Australian volunteer lifesavers. Lifesavers are honoured by being featured on the cover and by the inclusion of an article contributed by Surf Lifesaving Australia.

    There is also a feature article on the prominent role Australia and Australians have played in Antarctica. This is to mark the International Polar Year established by the International Council for Science and the World Meteorological Organisation. This article has been prepared jointly by Professor Michael Stoddart, from the Australian Government Antarctic Division and Dr Tom Griffiths of the Australian National University.

    Copies of this limited edition Australian Bureau of Statistics flagship publication cost $97.00.

    Orders can be made using your credit card online or by contacting the National Information Referral Service on 1300 135 07.

    Internet users can freely access the content from the Year Book online.

    The Year Book is a comprehensive source of information about Australia and is an ideal addition to your reference collection.
Need quick access to statistics? Use QuickStats - Quick Search!

You can now gain access to 2001 Census statistics using ‘QuickStats – Quick Search’which was released in January 2007.

Image: QuickStats QuickSearch

This 'QuickStats - Quick Search' can be accessed from\census

Its aim is to allow census data users prompt access to the QuickStats for their Postal Area.
    • QuickStats - provides a quick and simple summary of key Census statistics relating to people, families and dwellings.
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