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Newsletters - Statistics News New South Wales - Issue Number 12, September 2000

Statistics News NSW provides the latest about ABS statistics including new developments, seminars and reviews.

Carol Chan
Economic and Population Statistics Unit

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An information session on Standards for Statistics on Cultural and Language Diversity (Cat. no. 1289.0) is planned for November. The standards respond to a widely recognised need for a nationally consistent framework for data on cultural and language diversity. They are intended as a replacement for non-English speaking background (NESB) as a broad measure of cultural related need and disadvantage. Associated classifications including Australian Classification of Cultural and Ethnic Groups (Cat. no.1249.0) will also be discussed. For further information contact Allan Mclean on (02) 9268 4609, email


An Information Paper: Introduction of the 14th Series Australian Consumer Price Index (Cat. no. 6456.0), will be released in September 2000. The timing of the introduction of the 14th series CPI is linked closely to the introduction of The New Tax System. A discussion of the issues underpinning this is contained in Information Paper: Price Indexes and the New Tax System (Cat. no. 6425.0). For further information contact Keith Woolford on (02) 6252 6673, email


On 16 October ABS will release the first Australian Tourism Satellite Account (ATSA), based on the Australian System of National Accounts. It will provide a measure of the contribution of tourism to the Australian economy, and a basis from which to compare the performance of tourism across countries, and with other industries within Australia. A seminar on the ATSA will be held in Sydney on 19 October. For further information please contact Dianne Bourke on (02) 6252 6348, email


Information Paper: 2001 Census of Population and Housing - Proposed Products and Services (Cat. no. 2011.0) was released on 27 July. ABS is seeking input from users of Census products and services. The information paper, supplement and a questionnaire are available from the ABS web site within the census pages. You are encouraged to complete the on-line questionnaire. Additional copies of the material are available on 1800 813 939. To contribute your views, questionnaires need to be submitted by 15 September 2000.


In December this year the first edition of Australia's Environment (Cat. no. 4613.0), is due for release. This annual publication will present a broad selection of environmental statistics and information which illustrates topical environmental issues. For further information contact Darren Evans (02) 6252 5651, email


The next Agricultural Census will be brought forward to 2001. The main reasons for this decision were to reduce the time frame since the last census and to enable the Population Census and Agricultural Census data for small areas to be collected in the same reference year. A national user forum will be held in October to prioritise the content of the Census form. For further information contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562, email


The NETSU in Canberra has been established by ABS in partnership with Commonwealth and State agencies responsible for education and training. It will focus on leadership for the development of statistics in education and training, and coordination of statistical developments to improve data quality and comparability of statistics. For further information contact Mel Butler on (02) 6252 5936, email


For the first time a series of questions on enterprise and workplace bargaining has been developed and included in the May 2000 Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours (EEH). The questions collect data on whether any part of an employee's pay is set by an award, individual agreement and/or collective agreement. Preliminary key results from the survey will be published in Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, Preliminary (Cat. no. 6305.0), to be released in November. For further information contact Michael Sleap on (08) 9360 5934, email


The first pilot test has been conducted for a possible disability topic on the Monthly Population Survey in June 2001. The aim is to identify populations with levels of severity of disability so that the effect of disability on labour force participation can be understood. Another disability project underway is an analysis of trends in disability, to be circulated as a working paper towards the end of the year. For further information contact Elisabeth Davis on (02) 6252 7586, email


The Australian Housing Survey (AHS) was conducted between September and December 1999. Housing Survey: Housing Characteristics, Costs and Conditions, Australia (Cat. no. 4182.0) is due for release on 31 October. It presents summary information on the physical characteristics and condition of dwellings. For further information contact Di Chambers on (02) 6252 5508, email


Australian Housing Survey, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Results (Cat. no. 4712.0), another publication from the AHS, is due for release in December 2000. For further information contact Marie Grealy on (02) 6252 5943, email


The Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications (Cat. no. 4902.0) are scheduled for publication on 18 December. Three separate classifications for culture and leisure data are included, covering industries, occupations and products. For further information contact Sue Gredley on (08) 8237 7403, email


The first issue of a new quarterly publication, Stage of Production Producer Price Indexes, Australia (Cat. no. 6426.0) was released on July 24. It brings together existing producer price data for goods industries, including imports and exports, as well as incorporating newly developed indexes relating to a range of service industries. For further information contact David Collins on (02) 6252 6248, email


1998-99 data for NSW Local Government Finances are now available as a special data service on floppy disk (Cat. no. 5502.1.15.001) or in paper format (Cat. no. 5502.1.40.001). It provides details of the Operating Statement and Balance Sheet on a Government Finance Statistics basis for individual councils in NSW. For further information contact Dennis Jolliffe, (02) 9268 4178, email


Population Projections, Australia 1999-2101 (Cat. no. 3222.0) was released on 17 August. For the first time, ABS's Australian population projections has been taken out to 2101 to enable the implications of current population trends to be fully appreciated. Projections for capital cities, balance of States and States are taken out to 2051. For further information contact Christine Mason, (02) 6252 6522, email


The Annual Statistics for Financial Institutions 1998-99 (Cat. no. 5661.0.40.001) is now available. It provides information on Permanent Building Societies, Credit Co-operatives, Co-operative Housing Societies, Money Market Corporations, Finance Companies and General Financiers. For further information, contact Stuart Veitch on (02) 9268 4317, email


The ABS NSW Statistical Consultancy section provides a wide range of training courses throughout the year. Courses offered in the next few months include:
Producing Statistics from Administrative Data Collections (17-18 October).
Turning Data into Information (1-2 November).
We also provide courses tailored to your specific training needs. For further information please contact Merran Butler on (02) 9268 4183, email


AusStats is a web based service updated daily at 11:30 am, providing access to the latest facts and figures about the nation. AusStats contains extensive linking between related information, full text search, bookmarking facility and lots more. AusStats is only available by subscription with options starting at $1,080. For further information contact ABS on 1300 135 070, email Overseas clients please call 61 2 9268 4909.


This publication can be accessed electronically. We can email an Adobe Acrobat copy of Statistics News NSW for you to add to your intranet. Alternatively you can visit the ABS web site and access News/Newsletters for a link to the Newsletter. Please contact us for more information.

To order ABS publications please contact the Bookshop on (02) 9268 4620
1248.0 Australian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern, 2000 ($27)
1307.1Economic Indicators, New South Wales, August 2000 ($17.50)
1350.0 Australian Economic Indicators, August 2000 ($33)
3222.0Population Projections, Australia, 1999-2101 ($34)
3401.0 Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, May 2000 ($18)
4102.0 Australian Social Trends, 2000 ($42)
4183.0Cultural Funding, 1998-99 ($16.50)
4436.0Caring in the Community, Australia, 1998 ($22)
4513.0Higher Criminal Courts, Australia, 1998-99 ($22)
4611.0 Environment Expenditure, Local Government, Australia, 1998-99 ($21)
5512.0 Government Finance Statistics, Australia, 1998-99 ($24)
6201.1 Labour Force, NSW and ACT, May 2000 ($23)
6202.0.40.001 Labour Force, Teenage Employment and Unemployment, Australia—Data Report, June 2000, Preliminary ($43)
6203.0 Labour Force, Australia, June 2000 ($24)
6250.0Labour Force Characteristics of Migrants November 1999 ($20)
6426.0Stage of Production Producer Price Indexes, Australia, June Quarter 2000 ($17)
8104.0 Research and Experimental Development, Businesses, Australia, 1998-99 ($18)
8109.0 Research and Experimental Development, Government and Private Non-Profit Organisations, Australia, 1998-99 ($21)
8112.0Research and Experimental Development, All Sector Summary, Australia, 1998-99 ($19)
8154.0A Portrait of Australian Exporters: A Report Based on the Business Longitudinal Survey 1997-98 ($25)
8635.1.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, NSW, March Quarter 2000 ($70)
8669.0Computing Services Industry, Australia, 1998-99 ($17.50)
8906.0 Australian Hospital Statistics, 1998-99 ($32.50)
Release dates for Major Economic Indicators can be obtained from the
ABS web site. On the Welcome Page go to Future Releases.
1001.0ABS Annual Report 1999-2000
1216.0Australian Standard Geographic Classification July 2000 ($45)
1244.0Information Paper: ABS Views on Remoteness ($10)
1249.0Australian Standard Classification of Cultural and Ethnic Groups 2000-01 ($33)
2903.0How Australia Takes a Census ($10)
3310.0Marriages and Divorces, Australia, 1999 ($30)
4306.0Apparent Consumption of Foodstuffs, Australia, 1997-98 & 1998-99 ($20)
4433.0Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Disability and Long Term Health Conditions 1998 ($21)
6265.0Underemployed Workers, Australia, September 1999 ($21)
8226.0Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Operations, Australia, 1998-99 ($21)
8622.0Retail Industry, Australia, 1998-99 ($18.50)
8638.0Wholesale Industry, Australia, 1998-99 ($18.50)
9208.0 Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia, 1 August 1998 to 31 July 1999 ($20)
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