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Newsletters - Statistics News New South Wales - Issue Number 11, June 2000

ISSUE NO 11, JUNE 2000

Statistics News NSW provides the latest about ABS statistics including new developments, seminars and reviews.

Carol Chan
Economic and Population Statistics Unit

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ABS is reviewing the publication Environment Protection Expenditure, Australia (Cat no 4603.0). Current and potential users are invited to provide feedback about the usefulness, scope, quality and presentation of data. If you would like to comment contact Barbara Vernon on (02) 6252 5613, email


An information session will be held in the second half of July following the release of data from the 1998-99 Household Expenditure Survey at the end of June. The survey provides information about the weekly expenditure patterns of households with different characteristics such as level of income and family composition. For further information about the session contact Elizabeth Pogson on (02) 9268 4212, email Data will be released in Household Expenditure Survey, Australia: Summary of Results (Cat no 6530.0).


Information sessions will be held in August to inform users and to seek views about the proposed products and services from the 2001 Census. The issues will be covered in The 2001 Census Proposed Products and Services Information Paper (Cat no 2011.0), (including a questionnaire) due for release on 27 July 2000. The questionnaire will also be available on the ABS web site. Dates for the sessions are 14 and 15 August. If you would like to attend contact Bernie Fitzpatrick by 7 July on (02) 6252 7869, email


Two information papers discuss the impact on data series of changes associated with the New Tax System. ABS Statistics and the New Tax System (Cat no 1358.0) looks at the broad picture and Price Indexes and the New Tax System (Cat no 6425.0) considers issues and implications for the suite of producer and consumer price indexes compiled by ABS.


ABS has developed the Australian Classification of Drugs of Concern (Cat no 1248.0) to be released in early July. The use of standard classifications, frameworks and definitions will help to ensure the comparability and compatability of data derived from a range of different statistical systems. For further information contact Ted Vaughan on (02) 6252 5833, email


The ABS has updated the Postcode to Statistical Local Area (SLA) Concordances. For further information contact Andrew Howe on (08) 8237 7370, email


NSW survey on this issue will be conducted in October 2000. The survey will look at the working arrangements (such as paid leave or flexible working hours) people currently use when they need to care for someone, if these are adequate and what improvements would make it easier for people to meet these responsibilities. Results from the survey are expected to be released in late March 2001.


The scope of the Survey of Tourist Accommodation has been expanded for the year 2000. This occurs every three years to include additional accommodation sectors. The expanded coverage will include: caravan parks with 40 or more powered sites; visitor hostels with 25 or more beds; and holiday flats and units of letting entities with 15 or more units. Data from the March Quarter 2000 collection will be released on 7 July in Tourist Accommodation, Australia (Cat no 8635.0) and in equivalent State products. For further information contact Paull Hoffmann on (07) 3222 6201, email


Information about how an employee's pay is set was collected in the May 2000 Employee Earnings and Hours Survey for the first time. This information will identify if pay is set by an award; a registered collective or individual agreement by jurisdiction; or an informal (individual or collective) agreement. Initial results are expected to be released in November 2000. For further information contact Cath Ashby on (08) 9360 5934, email


The reference period for the Agricultural Commodity Survey has been changed to a financial year commencing with 1999-2000. It was previously collected for the year ended 31 March. The survey will include more detailed questions on irrigation as well as questions related to sustainable agriculture and the use of information technology. Data is expected to be released in October 2000 in Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Cat no 7111.0). For further information contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562, email


The Statistical Concepts Reference Library (Cat no 1361.0.30.001) is now available on CD-ROM as well as on the ABS web site. It provides easy access to authoritative information about the concepts, sources, methods and classifications underlying Australia's major economic and social statistics. The CD-ROM version is available at a cost of $50.00


The ABS strategy and key directions for Indigenous statistics are summarised in Directions In Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics. The paper is on the ABS web site or contact Helen Gardiner on (02) 9268 4562, email


Data is available from the 1999 Community Housing and Infrastructure Needs Survey (CHINS). The survey collected information about housing stock and management practices from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing organisations. Details of housing and related infrastructure such as water, power, sewerage and health services was obtained for those locations identified as discrete communities. Further information is contained in Housing and Infrastructure in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Australia, 1999 (Cat no 4710.0).


Producer Price Indexes for Selected Service Industries, Australia, March Quarter 2000 (Cat no 6423.0) is a new publication. It presents producer price indexes for the output of a selection of transport and storage, and property and business service industries. These series are part of a long-term program designed to expand the coverage of the services sector of the economy.


A new quarterly survey on Internet Activity of Internet Service Providers will commence with the September Quarter 2000. The survey will collect a range of information about subscribers (number, type, churn rate, etc) and volumes of transactions, as well as geographic data. Data is expected to be published in December 2000.


A redesigned questionnaire for the Labour Force Survey is expected to be introduced in March and April 2001. The new questionnaire will provide additional data on contemporary labour market characteristics as well as reflecting developments in international standards and practices for collecting labour force statistics. The issues are discussed in the Information Paper Labour Force Questionnaire Redesign (Cat no 6294.0).


Deaths due to suicide are examined in Suicides, Australia, 1921-1998 (Cat no 3309.0). Included in the publication are recent and long-term trends, sex differentials, age patterns, marital status, methods of suicide, State and Territory variations, and urban and rural and international comparisons.


A brochure, Australia's Children (Cat no 4119.0.00.001) presenting 10 key statistics on children under 18 will be released in mid June. Topics include immunisation, children who have experienced the divorce of parents, child care and teenage births. The version on the ABS web site will include State and Territory information.


The Directory of Child and Family Statistics (Cat no 4158.0) has been released. It is a guide to data produced during the 1990s by the ABS about children and families including information on ABS social reports which analyse these data. The directory includes a subject index and appendices explaining ABS definitions, survey methodologies and collections, a listing of Census of Population and Housing variables, and references to related ABS publications. The directory is available on the ABS web site and from ABS Bookshops. For further information contact Deborah Dawkings on (02) 6252 7361, email


The ABS NSW Statistical Consultancy Section will be offering the following courses in the next few months:

  • Introduction to Sampling Techniques, 25-26 July.
  • Principles of Questionnaire Design, 8-9 August.
  • Producing Statistics from Administrative Data Collections in October.
  • Turning Data into Information 1-2 November.
    Courses can also be tailored to your specific training needs. For further information contact Julie Young on (02) 9268 4497, email


This publication can be accessed electronically. We can email an Adobe Acrobat copy of Statistics News NSW for you to add to your intranet. Alternatively you can visit the ABS web site and access News/Newsletters for a link to the Newsletter. Please contact us for more information.

To order ABS publications please contact the Bookshop on (02) 9268 4620
1303.1 New South Wales at a Glance, 2000, Brochure ($1.10)
1307.1 Economic Indicators, New South Wales ($16.00)
1321.0 Small Business in Australia, 1999 ($34.00)
1362.1 Regional Statistics, New South Wales, 2000 ($26.00)
1358.0 formation Paper: ABS Statistics and The New Tax System, 2000 ($10.00)
2008.0 Census of Population and Housing: Nature and Content, 2001 ($10.00)
3309.0 Suicides, Australia, 1921-1998 ($18.50)
3315.0 Occasional Paper: Mortality of Indigenous Australians, 1997 ($22.00)
4158.0 Directory of Child and Family Statistics, 2000 ($30.00)
4221.0 Schools, Australia, 1999 ($24.00)
4402.0 Child Care, Australia, June 1999 ($19.00)
4516.1 Home Security Precautions, New South Wales, October 1999 ($16.00)
4610.0 Water Account, Australia, 1993-94 to 1996-97 ($26.50)
4710.0 Housing and Infrastructure in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Australia, 1999 ($24.00)
5506.0 Taxation Revenue, Australia, 1998-99 ($15.50)
5517.0 nformation Paper: Accrual-Based Government Finance Statistics, 2000 ($10.00)
5611.0 Finance, Australia, 1999 ($26.00)
6272.0 Participation in Education, Australia, September 1999 ($18.50)
6281.0 Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities, Australia, 1998-99 ($18.50)
6293.0.00.005 Occasional Paper: Labour Market Outcomes of Low Paid Adult Workers, 1997 ($22.00)
6294.0 Information Paper: Labour Force Survey Questionnaire Redesign, 2000 ($10.00)
6346.0 Information Paper: Wage Cost Index, Australia, 2000 ($10.00)
6423.0 Producer Price Indexes for Selected Service Industries, March Quarter 2000 ($15.50)
6425.0 Information Paper: Price Indexes and The New Tax System 2000 ($10.00)
8143.0 Information Technology, Australia, Preliminary 1998-99 ($21.00)
8146.0 Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 1999 ($17.00)
8201.0 Manufacturing Industry, Australia, Preliminary 1998-99 ($15.00)

Release dates for Major Economic Indicators can be obtained from the ABS web site. On the Welcome Page go to Releases out soon.
1139.0 Directory of Construction Statistics ($58.00)
1248.0 Australian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern ($26.00)
1271.0 Information Paper: Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED) ($10.00)
011.0 2001 Census of Population and Housing: Proposed Products and Services ($10.00)
3222.0 Population Projections, Australia, 1999-2051 ($34.00)
3235.1 Population by Age and Sex, New South Wales, 30 June 1999 ($20.00)
4102.0 Australian Social Trends, 2000 ($42.00)
4119.0.00.001 Australia's Children, 1998-99, Brochure ($1.10)
5206.0 Australia's National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, March Quarter 2000 ($21.00)
5491.0 Information Paper: Implementing New Procedures in ABS International Merchandise Trade Statistics ($10.00)
5673.0 Information Paper: The Use of Individual Income Taxpayer Data for ABS Regional Statistics - Wage and Salary Indicators for Small Areas, 1995-96 and 1996-97 ($10.00)
6530.0 1998-99 Household Expenditure Survey: Summary of Results, Australia ($19.00)
8127.0 Characteristics of Small Business, Australia, 1999 ($28.00)
8150.0 Use of Information Technology on Farms, Australia, 1998-99 ($17.00)
8635.0 Tourist Accommodation, Australia, March Quarter 2000 ($21.00)

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