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2001 Census of Population and Housing - 2001 Census Working Papers - Census Fact Sheets

The following link directs users to the range of available 1996 Census Fact Sheets

The following 2001 Census Fact Sheets have been produced on a needs basis in response to data issues that have arisen. Additional Fact Sheets related to 2001 Census data issues will be appended as they become available. A range of Census Papers are also available.

Fact Sheet: Highest Level of Schooling Completed (cat. no. 2970.0.55.001)

Fact Sheet: Census Non-response Rates (cat. no. 2970.0.55.002)

Fact Sheet: Australian Standard Geographical Classification and Census Geographical Areas - Diagram of Structures (cat. no. 2970.0.55.003)

Fact Sheet: Counts for Australian Standard Geographical Classification and Census Specific Geographic Areas (cat. no. 2970.0.55.004)

Fact Sheet: Number of Charged Categories for Major Classifications (cat. no. 2970.0.55.005)

Fact Sheet: Ancestry (cat. no. 2970.0.55.006)

Fact Sheet: Census Topic Index (cat. no. 2970.0.55.007)

Fact Sheet: Computer and Internet use (cat. no. 2970.0.55.008)

Fact Sheet: Geocentric Datum of Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics Boundaries (cat. no. 2970.0.55.009)

Fact Sheet: Population Measures (cat. no. 2970.0.55.010)

Fact Sheet: Summary of Changes to Variables 1996 to 2001 (cat. no. 2970.0.55.011)

Fact Sheet: Usual Residence (cat. no. 2970.0.55.012)

Fact Sheet: Changes to Geographic Areas Between Censuses (cat. no. 2970.0.55.013)

Fact Sheet: Mnemonics in Alphabetical Order (cat. no. 2970.0.55.014)

Fact Sheet: Religious Affiliation (cat. no. 2970.0.55.015)

Fact Sheet: Postcodes and Census Data (cat. no. 2970.0.55.016)

Fact Sheet: Confidentiality of Census Output (cat. no. 2970.0.55.017)

Fact Sheet: Census Miscellaneous Collection Districts (cat. no. 2970.0.55.018)

Fact Sheet: Effect of Census Processes on Non-response Rates and Person Counts (cat. no. 2970.0.55.019)

Fact Sheet: The Retention ('Time Capsule') Option (cat. no. 2970.0.55.020)

Fact Sheet: Journey to Work (cat. no. 2970.0.55.021)

Fact Sheet: Internal Migration (cat. no. 2970.0.55.022)

Fact Sheet: Income Imputation (cat. no. 2970.0.55.023)

Fact Sheet: Labour Force Status - Comparing Census and Survey Data (cat. no. 2970.0.55.024)

Fact Sheet: Education - Changes for 2001 Census (cat. no. 2970.0.55.025)

Fact Sheet: Correction of Prison Data for Queensland (cat. no. 2970.0.55.026)

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