Valuables (TALC 22)

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Valuables (TALC 22) is further classified into:

  • valuables (TALC 221).

Valuables (TALC 221)


Valuables (TALC 221) are produced assets of considerable value that are not used primarily for purposes of production or consumption but are held as stores of value over time. Valuables are expected to appreciate, or at least not to decline, in real value and they do not deteriorate over time under normal conditions.

Includes: Non-monetary gold and other precious stones and metals that are not intended to be used as materials and supplies in the processes of production; paintings, sculptures and other objects recognised as works of art or antiques held primarily as stores of value over time; jewellery of significant value fashioned out of precious stones and metals; collections; and commemorative coins that are not in circulation as legal tender.

Excludes: Collections of considerable value that are not held primarily as stores of value but are owned and displayed for the purpose of producing museum and similar services (classified to machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified (TALC 129)).

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