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Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Australia
Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities
Australian Health Survey: Biomedical Results for Chronic Diseases
Australian Health Survey: Physical Activity
Perspectives on Migrants
Revised 2002 and 2008 NATSISS alcohol data by risk level, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Defining the Data Challenge for Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence
Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, Australia
Number of Children Ever Born Standard
Guide to Migrant Statistical Sources
A Comparison of Volunteering Rates from the 2006 Census of Population and Housing and the 2006 General Social Survey
Measuring Victims of Crime: A Guide to Using Administrative and Survey data
National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results
How Australians Use Their Time
International Monetary Fund - Special Data Dissemination Standard, IMF
Crime Victimisation, Australia