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Livestock Products, Australia

Quarterly statistics on livestock slaughtering (numbers and value), meat production and receivals of wool.

Reference period September 2020

Wage Price Index, Australia

The WPI measures changes in the price of labour, unaffected by compositional shifts in the labour force, hours worked or employee characteristics.<

Reference period September 2020

Labour Force, Australia

Headline estimates of employment, unemployment, underemployment, participation and hours worked from the monthly Labour Force Survey

Reference period October 2020

Business Indicators, Business Impacts of COVID-19

This release provides information on the incidence and nature of impacts due to COVID-19, as experienced by businesses operating in Australia.

Reference period November 2020

Water Account, Australia

Presents estimates of physical and monetary supply and use of water across the Australian economy.

Reference period 2018-19 financial year

Retail Trade, Australia, Preliminary

Contains preliminary monthly aggregate estimates of retail turnover in Australia.

Reference period October 2020

Australian National Accounts: State Accounts

Key National Accounts aggregates by state and territory.

Reference period 2019-20 financial year

International Merchandise Trade, Preliminary, Australia

Contains preliminary monthly aggregate estimates of international merchandise trade.

Reference period October 2020
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Data by Region

Updates to Data by Region, 2014-19 (1410.0) including new 2019 data.

Reference period 2018-19 financial year

International Trade: Supplementary Information, Financial Year

Detailed financial year statistics on international trade in goods and services, by country and state

Reference period 2019-20 financial year

Construction Work Done, Australia, Preliminary

Provides preliminary estimates of value of total construction work done, building work done and engineering construction work done

Reference period September 2020

Marriages and Divorces, Australia

National and state statistics on marriages and divorces, including same sex couples, presented by age, duration and rates

Reference period 2019

Provisional Mortality Statistics

Provisional deaths data for measuring changes in patterns of mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period.

Reference period Jan - Aug 2020

International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List

List of confidentiality restrictions applied to monthly international trade in goods statistics - including the historical time series

Reference period October 2020

Labour Force, Australia, Detailed

Labour Force related timeseries Excel spreadsheets with seasonally adjusted and trend estimates and detailed original data in Excel pivot tables.

Reference period October 2020

Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia

Quarterly statistics about actual and expected private new capex investment spend on buildings and equipment by industry.

Reference period September 2020

Corrective Services, Australia

National and state information about adult prisoners and community based corrections, including legal status, custody type, Indigenous status, sex.

Reference period September Quarter 2020

Australian National Accounts: Distribution of Household Income, Consumption and Wealth

Time series data for the distribution of household income, consumption and wealth.

Reference period 2019-20 financial year

Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Australia

Quarterly statistics on Mineral and Petroleum exploration expenditure by private organisations in Australia.

Reference period September 2020

Estimates of Industry Level KLEMS Multifactor Productivity

Presents experimental estimates of industry level KLEMS multifactor productivity (MFP) for the 16 market industries

Reference period 2018-19 financial year