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Information about the changes and the new ways you can access our data if you are a researcher, academic, webscraper, ABS.stat user or developer.

We are launching the new ABS website on 21 September 2020.

As part of our new website we are introducing new data services. This is to help you to access our information in more powerful and engaging ways. 

We will continue to provide key existing services such as Census, TableBuilder and Microdata. We will regularly release new features, content, updates and fixes to provide a better website experience for you.

Time series data

The ABS will continue to produce time series spreadsheets with existing time series identifiers. The structure of these spreadsheets won't change, however some links to explanatory content and visual branding may change. The website address to access these files will change on the new ABS website. 

Excel files

Excel spreadsheets or data cubes are still available and are located in the data downloads section of releases. The excel files will be exactly the same as they are on the current ABS website. We are also working on upgrading the format of the excel files we publish. In the future the file extension will change from .xls to .xlsx - and we encourage you to consider this format when preparing for the new website. 

Zip files

Some of our statistical products do not have zip files available in their downloadable file section. We are looking to progress a feature that will enable users to download all files in zip format in the future.

Some of our previous releases may still provide zip files.

URL structures

We have updated our URL structures to make them more predictable and user friendly. As part of the transition, users will need to reconfigure their macros, links and references before the launch of the new ABS website on 21 September 2020. The following section provides information on how URLs are structured to help you make the necessary updates. Once our beta period has finished you will need to remove 'beta' from the URL structure.

How to navigate to a topic page

How to navigate to a specific reference period

How to navigate to a downloadable file


Web scraping programs (or macros) currently being used to extract information from the ABS website will need to be updated before the launch of the new ABS website on 21 September 2020. 

An alternative to updating your macros, is to start preparing to access data via our new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) being released later this year.

Application Program Interface (API)

Data APIs enable fast access to ABS statistics by using machine to machine ‘API calls’. These calls return statistics in a machine friendly format so that you can integrate data into your own system as they are released. There will be no need to scrape the website or download the publication and manually enter the numbers into another spreadsheet. 


  • Fast, direct access to ABS statistics in XML, JSON and CSV format
  • Simultaneous release with the ABS website (11:30am on the day of release)
  • Compliant with SDMX 2.1 international standard (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange)
  • Free online resources available to assist with integrating SDMX data into other statistical programs

ABS Data API (beta) is available for early testing:

  • ABS Data API (beta) allows you to request detailed ABS statistics including economic, social and Census data. Customise your query to return only the data and meta data you are interested in, in the format you want.
  • ABS Headline API (beta) allows you to request headline economic statistics from the ABS including Australia's key economic indicators. All datasets are small, containing only the most in-demand data, so responses are returned as fast as possible.

To register your details to become an early tester please get in contact with us at

To keep up-to-date with the latest information on our API service keep visiting this page, subscribe to our email alerts or email for more information.

ABS.Stat version 8

ABS.Stat is an interactive online tool that presents data in a searchable, flexible and dynamic way. With the new website we are moving from ABS.Stat version 7 to version 8. There will be small changes to the format of responses. As part of ABS.Stat v8 you will also be able to customise data and easily extract an API call. 

Version 7 and 8 will run in parallel so users can transition.

To keep up-to-date with the latest information on ABS.Stat v8 keep visiting this page, subscribe to our email alerts or email for more information.


TableBuilder is our online tool for creating your own tables, graphs and maps using ABS microdata. All TableBuilder products are available on the current website


DataLab is the analysis solution for high-end users who want to undertake real time complex analysis of microdata. DataLab is available on the current website.

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We are launching the new ABS website on 21 September 2020. We want to work with you to make sure you are ready for the changes. Email us at

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