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Supported accommodation flag (SAFD)

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This variable describes supported accommodation for persons without a permanent residence. It can be used to supplement the Non-private dwelling category of ‘hostel for the homeless, night shelter and refuge’. Any Census form received from a private dwelling providing homeless accommodation is also identified as supported accommodation.

This variable is available through information consultancy requests only and is not included in standard Census data products.


Dwellings providing supported accommodation as identified by state and territory bodies




Supported accommodation


Not applicable

Number of categories: 2

Not applicable (@) category comprises:

  • All other dwellings
  • Migratory, off-shore and shipping SA1s

Question(s) from the Census form

This variable is not collected from questions on the Census.

How this variable is created

Lists of residential addresses were supplied to the ABS by state and territory bodies and non-government organisations to assist with the identification of supported accommodation.

The Supported accommodation flag is applied during Census processing based on dwelling address information provided by the relevant service providers and state and territory bodies. Some additional dwellings may also have been identified during the Census processing and collection phases.

Dwellings identified as supported accommodation were matched to corresponding Census dwelling records to verify their address and only those that can be matched are included in the final counts.

History and changes

This variable was first included in 2011.

No changes have been made in 2021.

Data use considerations

Some 'Supported accommodation' dwellings have been classified in the Census as Non-private dwellings, such as Boarding House/Private Hotel, and Hostels for the Homeless, etc. This data can be obtained by adding both the Supported accommodation flag and Type of non-private dwelling variables to a table.

Related variables and glossary terms

  • Type of non-private dwelling (NPDD)

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