2011 Census All persons QuickStats
Geography type Statistical Areas Level 1
Area code 7106201
People 176
Male 87
Female 89
Median age 34
Families 42
Average children per family 1.7
All private dwellings 44
Average people per household 4.3
Median weekly household income $1,208
Median monthly mortgage repayments $0
Median weekly rent $90
Average motor vehicles per dwelling 0.9

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Median and average values may be affected by confidentiality in this area.

Limited information has been provided because the area selected has a small population. In the 2011 Census, there were 176 people in 7106201. Of these, 87 were male and 89 were female. The median age was 34 years and the average number of people per household was 4.3.

Some values may have been adjusted to avoid release of confidential data. This may have a significant impact on the calculated percentages.