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Background and planning

This section provides access to key information related to how the ABS planned the 2021 Census.

Planning the 2021 Census
Outlines how we proposed to conduct the 2021 Census and explains how we would protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information you provided.

Census of Population and Housing: Topic Directions, 2021 
Public consultation on the range of topics included in the 2021 Census occurred between 3 April and 30 June 2018. This report summarises the outcomes of this consultation and outlines the next steps in determining the topics for the 2021 Census. 

Census Privacy Impact Assessments
The ABS has released the findings, and ABS responses, of two independent Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) about how the 2021 Census will be run.

Value of the Australian Census
Lateral Economics released an independent valuation of the Australian Census, which found that for every $1 invested in the Census, $6 of value was generated to the Australian economy.

Administrative Data Research
The ABS is researching how administrative data could improve the Australian Census.

Audit Report: Planning for the 2021
The ANAO has released an Audit Report on the ABS’ planning for the 2021 Census. The report made seven recommendations relating to program oversight and assurance, data quality, privacy and security. The ABS accepted all recommendations and implemented them in full before the 2021 Census.