Video Segment 7: Data Availability and Help pages - Text Transcript

Welcome to the National Regional Profile screen show.

This segment, the seventh and last in our series, will demonstrate the improved help functionality in the National Regional Profile as well as provide information about how to investigate the range of data series that are available.

To access the help and data availability pages, choose any of the buttons at the top of the Map Entry page.

You now have access to a left menu bar, allowing navigation to any of the main help documents.

Data Availability

From the Map Entry Page, the Data Availability pages can be accessed by clicking on the 'About the Data' button.

You have two ways of searching for data in the National Regional Profile: by an A to Z listing of data items, or an alphabetic listing of data series by topic.

For each of the data series there is a separate page with detailed information about the series.

Let's look at an example of the format of the Data Availability page by choosing the 'Births' page from the A to Z listing.

Firstly there is a list of the data items available for this series. In our example the only two data items are the 'Number of Births' and the 'Total Fertility Rate' .

There are links to the Explanatory Notes and the Glossary pages should you require further explanation about the data items.

The next section lists the years that the data items are available for. While this edition of the National Regional Profile presents data for 2004 to 2008, and the births data is available for each of these five years, it is important to note that not all series have data for the whole five years. A good example of this is the Census data which is only available for 2006.

The 'Availability by Year' section may also include links to the latest published data for some data series.

The 'Availability by Region' section lists each of the region types that the particular data series is available for.

Births data is available for each of the region types presented in the National Regional Profile from Statistical Local Area to Local Government Area and all higher levels to State/Territory and Australia.

The 'Find these Data in the Profiles' section indicates where to find the data items in the National Regional Profile. For our example series 'Births', the two data items are available in the summary web pages, the Excel spreadsheets and in the data cube.

Given that for some of the data series there is additional data in the Excel spreadsheets and data cubes that isn't included in the summary web pages, this section is important for the user in identifying where they need to go to locate their specific data item of interest.

Finally, there are links from the Data Availability pages to the map and to the SuperTABLE data cube to allow the user to go directly to find the births data for their region or regions of choice.

Help Pages

All of the Help pages can be accessed by clicking on any of the buttons available at the top of the NRP Map Entry Page.

'How to Find a Region' describes the various ways that you can navigate to the region of your choice via the map, the name list or the search bar.

'Compare Regions' provides all the information needed to access and select the SuperTABLE data cube.

A copy of the full product Explanatory Notes, Glossary and Abbreviations pages are available under the 'About the Data' link on the left menu bar.

Under the 'Videos and Other Help' menu you can access the 'About the Regions' page which describes the types of regions that data is provided for in the National Regional Profile, as well as the hierarchical relationship between them.

There is also a link to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page and to this screen show.

That brings us to the end of this segment of the National Regional Profile screen show.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered by the screen show or the help pages provided in the product please contact us via email at