Video Segment 3: How to Find a Region, by Address Search - Text Transcript

Welcome to the National Regional Profile screen show.

Segment 3 of the show is titled 'How to find a region, by Address Search'.

As we mentioned in Segment 1 of this screen show, there are three ways of finding a region in the National Regional Profile.

In this segment we will be showing you how to find a region by using the address search box that appears on the Map Entry page.

Using this option you can either search for a specific address, search for a locality (for example, a suburb or a town), or search for a specific region (such as a Local Government Area or Statistical Local Area).

Searching for a specific address

We will start our demonstration by searching for Dean Street in the city of Albury, New South Wales.

Enter the address in the search bar and press the 'search map' button to find the location on the map.

In our example the default SD/SSD/SLA tab is selected, so the map shows all the Statistical Divisions near our chosen address.

Click on a nearby place marker to see if your address is inside that Statistical Division. In this case the nearest marker isn't the region that contains the address - it's the next closest one.

If you want another type of region such as a Statistical Subdivision or Statistical Local Area, zoom in until the place markers change colour, and then click on the nearby markers until you find the region that contains the address.

Once you are at the Statistical Local Area level there is a specific region called Albury.

Once the place marker is selected you can access the data via the 'Get Data' link in the information window or from the region list.

If you want to find the available local government information for the address you selected switch to the Local Government Area tab, and then enter the same address in the search box.

You will now see the Local Government Area markers on the map in pink near your chosen address. Once again you will need to click on these markers until you find the Local Government Area that contains the address.

You are now ready to get data for that region.

Searching for a locality

Firstly you need to make a decision about the type of region you are interested in. The default is to search via the SLA, SSD, SD tab, however you can switch to the Local Government Area tab.

Let's select the Local Government.Area tab and enter the name of a suburb, town or city in the search box.

For our example, we will search for the town of Barmera in South Australia.

Immediately below the search box, a list of options will now appear in the 'did you mean' box.

For our search, there is only 1 option and when selected, a marker for the town will appear on the map.

Select the nearby pink Local Government Area place marker to find the region containing the town.

You are now ready to access data for your selected region via the 'Get Data' link in the 'information window' on the map, or next to the region name in the region list.

Searching for a specific region

If you know the name of the Local Government Area, Statistical Local Area or other standard geographical region that you wish to find data for, then enter this name directly into the search box.

In this example, we are looking for data on the Local Government Area of Burnie in Tasmania. As soon as the name Burnie is entered into the search bar a number of options appear in the drop down box.

Once you click on 'Burnie - LGA', the boundary of the Local Government Area of Burnie is selected on the map, and you are now able to access the data via the 'Get Data' link.

In this screen show we have shown you how to find a region using the Address Search box. In Segment 5 of this series, we will show you what is contained in the data profiles when you click on 'Get data'.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered by the screen show or the help pages provided in the product please contact us via email at