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SA federal voter turnout highest in mainland states (Media Release), May 2011 (cat no. 1345.4)
SA has highest proportion of male teaching staff in Australia (Media Release), Sep 2010 (cat no. 1345.4)
SA leads the way with renewable electricity (Media Release), 2012 (cat no. 4670.0)
SA marriage and birth rates fall to 150 year low (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 3311.4)
SA population growth rate up, birthrate down (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 3311.4)
SA producers urged to return Agricultural Census forms (Media Release), 2006
Sales by nursery establishments worth an estimated $870 million (Media Release), Oct 1998
Sales of new motor vehicles on the increase (Media Release), Aug 2003 (cat no. 9314.0)
Salinity first - ABS survey of farmers (Media Release), May 2002
Sandy Bay records Tasmania's highest income (Media Release), 2009-10 (cat no. 6524.0.55.002)
Satisfaction with Victorian Water Quality Increases Over Last Ten Years (Media Release), Mar 2005 (cat no. 1367.2)
Save yourself a visit from a Census Field Officer (Media Release),
Scammers claim to be representing the ABS,
School enrolments continue to rise (Media Release), 2014 (cat no. 4221.0)
School student growth and participation rates steady - ABS (Media Release), 1998 (cat no. 4220.0)
Schools census shows increase in teaching staff (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 4220.0)
Schools report over 3.1 million students (Media Release), 1996 (cat no. 4220.0)
Schools, Australia (Media Release), 2013 (cat no. 4221.0)
Schools, Australia (Media Release), 2012 (cat no. 4221.0)
Science people: More likely to be employed, paid more - ABS (Media Release), 1996 (cat no. 8149.0)
Seasonally adjusted greetings from the ABS,
Second Results from 2006 Census Available Free On-line from October 25 (Media Alert),
Second Round Table on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics,
Secondary jobs top one million (Media Release), December 2018 (cat no. 6150.0.55.003)
Secrets of ABS statistics released on CD-ROM (Media Release), May 2000
Selected areas of brisbane tested for next national census (Media Release), Aug 2003
Selected Characteristics of Australian Business (Media Release), 2011-12 (cat no. 8167.0)
September most common month for babies born in Australia (Media Release), 2016 (cat no. 3301.0)
Seven-in-ten adults have insufficient problem-solving skills for everyday life (Media Release), Dec 2009 (cat no. 1367.5)
Seven out of ten young children attend preschool or a preschool program (Media Release), June 2008 (Reissue) (cat no. 4402.0)
Sexual assault information paper: ABS efforts to close gap in data (Media Release), 2003 (cat no. 4518.0)
Shedding more light on National Accounts (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 5202.0)
Sheep and lamb numbers fall to their lowest levels since 1905 (Media Release), 2008-09 (cat no. 7121.0)
Sheep and meat cattle numbers up in 2004–05, but winter crops down (Media Release), 2004-05 (cat no. 7111.0)
Sheep flock sizes at lowest levels in 100 years (Media Release), 2009-10 (cat no. 7111.0)
Sheep numbers at lowest level since 1948: ABS (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 7121.0)
Shift to part-time employment continues (Media Release), Sep 2016 (cat no. 6202.0)
Shining light on Country of Birth statistics,
Short-term overseas visitors to Australia continue to surge (Media Release), Dec 2010 (cat no. 3401.0)
Short-term resident departures reach all time high (Media Release), Dec 2011 (cat no. 3401.0)
Short-term visitor arrivals from China have more than tripled since 2003-04 (Media Release), Jun 2014 (cat no. 3401.0)
Short and medium term business expectations (Media Release), Jul 1997 (cat no. 5250.0)
Showcasing our country - 2004 Year Book Australia launched today (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 1301.0)
Significant change in the Information Technology and Telecommunication Industry (Media Release), 1998-99 (cat no. 8143.0)
Significant change in the information technology and telecommunication industry (Media Release), 2000-01 (cat no. 8126.0)
Significant increase in smoke alarm use in Victoria - ABS (Media Release), Oct 1998 (cat no. 4387.2)
Silver screen devotees: cinema still Australians' favourite cultural activity (Media Release), 2009-10 (cat no. 4114.0)
Six out of ten Australian adults not getting enough exercise (Media Release), 2007-08 (cat no. 4835.0.55.001)
Size makes a difference for farmers in Great Barrier Reef catchment (Media Release), 2008-09 (cat no. 4619.0.55.001)
Sizzling summer stats to mark warmer months,
Skilled migrant income $32 billion in 2010-11 (Media Release), 2010-11 (cat no. 3418.0)
Skills shortages impact on the WA economy: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2006 (cat no. 1367.5)
Skills shortages in Western Australia under the spotlight (Media Release), Dec 2005 (cat no. 1367.5)
Slow growth at the top, but equality challenges remain (Media Release), Sep 2018 (cat no. 4125.0)
Slow wage growth continues in 2016 (Media Release), Mar 2016 (cat no. 6345.0)
Slowing growth in filled jobs (Media Release), March 2019 (cat no. 6150.0.55.003)
Slowing growth in venture capital (Media Release), 2002-03 (cat no. 5678.0)
Slowing migration for half the states and territories (Media Release), Jun 2014 (cat no. 3101.0)
Small business confidence falls (Media Release), Sep 2000 and Jun 2001 (cat no. 5250.0)
Small business continues to grow - ABS (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 1321.0)
Small Business Operators Ageing: ABS (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 8127.0)
Small businesses in Australia dominated by men, at home and online (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 8127.0)
Small increase in trend employment growth in Australia (Media Release), Jun 2016 (cat no. 6202.0)
Small states lead the way in volunteering (Media Release), 2014 (cat no. 4159.0)
Smaller states lead growth rate (Media Release), 2008-09 (Reissue) (cat no. 5220.0)
Smarter, secular and city dwellers says ABS, 2006 (cat no. 2070.0)
Smoking rates fall in Western Australia (Media Release), 2017-18 (cat no. 4364.0.55.001)
Snapshot complete: Full range of 2001 Census data released (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 2015.0)
Snapshot of a century - How we've changed (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 2015.0)
Snapshot of a Typical Student in CensusAtSchool 2013,
Snapshot of ACT tourist accommodation: ABS (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1344.8.55.001)
Snapshot of Australia's energy supply and use (Media Release), 2006-07 (cat no. 4604.0)
Snapshot of energy use and conservation in Australian households: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2005 (cat no. 4602.0)
Snapshot of News South Wales (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 1300.1)
Snapshot of older people in NSW (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 4108.1)
Snapshot of people who work in Culture: ABS (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 6273.0)
Snapshot of statistical lows and highs in regional NSW: ABS (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 1368.1)
Snapshot of the Sunshine state's baby boomers: ABS (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 4149.3)
Social Atlases To Be Launched In Just Under One Week (Media Release), March 2008
Social Atlases to be launched on Monday (Media Release),
Social Trends in Australia: ABS (Media Release), 2002 (cat no. 4102.0)
Social trends to present a smorgasbord of stories - for release next Tuesday (Media Release), 2003 (cat no. 4102.0)
Social Trends: Farming; women in leadership; people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease; older carers; leaving Australia for (Media Release), Dec 2012 (cat no. 4102.0)
Soft drinks and milk up, beer down (Media Release), 1995-96 (cat no. 4315.0)
Soft drink, burgers and chips - the diet of our young males (Media Release), 2011-12 (cat no. 4364.0.55.007)
Solid economic foundation laid by WA construction industry (Media Release), Dec 2003 (cat no. 1367.5)
South- East QLD has Highest Population Growth in 2003-04 (Media Release), 2003-04 (cat no. 3218.0)
South Australia's contribution to the nation examined - ABS (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 1301.4)
South Australia's regions under the microscope (Media Release), 2002 (cat no. 1362.4)
South Australia's young males moving away from sports (Media Release), Feb 2011 (cat no. 1345.4)
South Australia - What a state we're in! (Media Release), 1996 (cat no. 3311.4)
South Australia to be Census tested: ABS, 2010
South Australian Census Test needs Collectors (Media Release), Apr 2005
South Australian Government signs on to new National Statistical Service (Media Release), Feb 2004
South Australians - living longer (Media Release), 1995 (cat no. 3311.4)
South Australians continue to migrate to eastern states (Media Release), Jun 2011 (cat no. 1345.4)
Speaking an Indigenous language linked to youth wellbeing (Media Release), Apr 2011 (cat no. 4725.0)
Special articles linked to tomorrow's International Trade release (Media Release), Mar 2004 (cat no. 5368.0)
Speech by Deputy Australian Statistician Tim Skinner on the launch of The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 1997 (Darwin, 2 April 1997) (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 4704.0)
Spending habits of Australian households: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04 (cat no. 6530.0)
Sport scores goals for Aussie economy (Media Release), 2013 (cat no. 4156.0.55.002)
Sports organisations generate $8,466 million in income (Media Release)
Sport: More play and more get paid (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 6285.0)
Spotlight on Western Australian farm salinity (Media Release), Jun 2003 (cat no. 1367.5)
State of mental wellbeing in the ACT - May 2006 (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 1344.8.55.001)
Statement on sentencing of Mr Christopher Hill (Media Release),
Statistical look at Australia's criminal courts (Media Release), 1995 (cat no. 4513.0)
Statistician's Report gives a generational view on Australia,
Statisticians ask the question "Is life in Australia getting better?" (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1383.0.55.001)
Statisticians counting on the children: International conference in Melbourne (Media Release),
Statisticians gather in numbers at International Conference (Media Release), Apr 2005
Statistics that tell us the way we are in NSW (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1300.1)
Stats seeks numbers (Media Release), May 2000
StatSmart: World first project has the numbers, August 2006
Staying in school linked to better health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth (Media Release), Apr 2011 (cat no. 4725.0)
Steady growth in venture capital continues (Media Release), 2004-05 (cat no. 5678.0)
Steady growth in venture capital (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 5678.0)
Still fewer women in positions of leadership (Media Release), Aug 2015 (cat no. 4125.0)
Still healthy, wealthy and wise – but dropping in productivity, 2011
Stories from the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey 2012-13 launched today (Media Release),
Strong growth for day hospitals in the private sector (Media Release), 1995-96 (cat no. 4390.0)
Strong growth in home use of information technology - ABS (Media Release), 1998 (cat no. 8146.0)
Strong international demand for livestock and meat (Media Release), 2014-15 (cat no. 7503.0)
Strong population growth in parts of Melbourne, some regional centres (Media Release), Jun 2000 (cat no. 3235.2)
Strong tourism growth affirms 'there's nothing like Australia' (Media Release), 2012-13 (cat no. 5249.0)
Strong trend growth in Australia's employment continues (Media Release), Dec 2015 (cat no. 6202.0)
Strong trend growth in Australia's employment continues (Media Release), Jan 2016 (cat no. 6202.0)
Stronger ACT and Tasmania population growth (Media Release), Dec 2017 (cat no. 3101.0)
Stronger growth in net overseas migration (Media Release), Sep 2016 (cat no. 3101.0)
Stronger NSW and Victorian population growth (Media Release), Mar 2014 (cat no. 3101.0)
Students tap into CensusAtSchool (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 2903.0.55.002)
Study shows short-term stability in labour market (Media Release), 1994 to 1997 (cat no. 6293.0.00.006)
Study using ABS data shows earnings mobility (Media Release), 1994 to 1997 (cat no. 6293.0.00.007)
Suicide and transport accidents remain leading external causes of deaths (Media Release), 1998 to 2002 (cat no. 3320.0)
Suicide rates decrease over a decade (Media Release), 2010 (cat no. 3309.0)
Summer rainfall leads to a bumper sorghum crop (Media Release), 2014-15 (cat no. 7111.0)
Supply and use of energy increases (Media Release), 2008-09 (cat no. 4604.0)
Support for new ABS innovation survey (Media Release), Dec 2003
Supporting people participate in the Marriage Survey (Media Release),
Surge in number of older people in WA (Media Release), Jun 2000 (cat no. 3235.5)
Survey results to give latest snapshot of Australia’s health (Media Release),
Survey shows Housing and Infrastructure difficulties faced by Indigenous Communities (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 4710.0)
Survey shows how ACT people use Public Transport, Emergency Services (Media Release), Apr 2000 (cat no. 1303.8)
Swimming and soccer the most popular sports for children (Media Release), Apr 2012 (cat no. 4901.0)
Sydney and Melbourne drive property price fall (Media Release), Mar 2018 (cat no. 6416.0)
Sydney and Melbourne drive property price rise of 1.9% (Media Release), Jun 2017 (cat no. 6416.0)
Sydney Centre Has The Highest Population Density In Australia (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 2032.0)
Sydney drives property price fall in September quarter (Media Release), Sep 2017 (cat no. 6416.0)
Sydney has a higher proportion of "working age" population (Media Release), Jun 1999 (cat no. 3235.1)
Sydney is our densest city, but we are lightweights internationally (Media Release), 2011 (cat no. 1270.0.55.007)
Sydney leads race to five million (Media Release), 2013-14 (cat no. 3218.0)
Sydney population hits 5 million (Media Release), 2015-16 (cat no. 3218.0)
Sydney property prices fall in December quarter (Media Release), Dec 2015 (cat no. 6416.0)
Sydney property prices rise in June quarter 2016 (Media Release), Jun 2016 (cat no. 6416.0)