Directory of Statistical Sources by Title

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IFAB Frames Management,
Import Price Index,
Inbound Tour Operators (Survey of),
Income and Housing Costs and Amenities (Survey of),
Income and Housing (Survey of),
Indigenous Health Survey (National),
Indigenous Population Projections,
Industrial Disputes,
Industry Gross Product (Survey of),
Infant Sleeping Positions (Survey of),
Information and Communication Technology Industries Survey,
Information Technology Survey - Business Enterprises,
Information Technology Survey - General Government,
Innovation in Industry,
Innovative Activities of Businesses,
Input-Output Tables,
Input to the Coal Mining Industry (Price Index of),
Input to the House Construction Industry (Price Index of),
International Investment (Survey of),
International Trade in Services (Survey of),
International Trade Price Index,
Internet Activity Survey,
Internet Activity, Australia,
Internet Activity, Australia,
Interstate Trade, Queensland,
Interstate Visits by Queenslanders,
Inventories of Australian Wine and Brandy Owned by Winemakers,
Inventories, Sales and Services (Survey of),