Directory of Statistical Sources by Title

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Falls Risks in Older Persons, NSW,
Families in Australia (Survey of),
Family Characteristics Survey,
Federal Defendants, Australia,
Festivals (Performing Arts),
Film and Video Production,
Film and Video Production and Distribution Services,
Film Television & Digital Games,
Finance and Insurance Foreign Affiliate Trade in Services (SOFI FATS) (Survey of ),
Financial Accounts Compilation,
Financial Information (Survey of) - Monthly,
Financial Information (Survey of) - Quarterly,
Financial Institutions (Annual Statistics for),
Flour Millers' Sales (Survey of),
Food Safety, Tasmania,
Foreign Currency Exposure (Survey of),
Forest Products Tasmania - Quarterly,
Forms of Employment,
Freight Movement Survey - Rail, Sea and Air,
Freight Movements Survey - Rail, Sea and Air Freight,
Freight Movements Survey - Road Freight,