Directory of Statistical Sources by Title

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Part-Time Workers, Tasmania,
Part-Time, Casual and Temporary Employment, New South Wales,
Participation in Sport and Recreational Activities, Tasmania,
Participation in Sporting and Physical Recreational Activities, South Australia,
Participation in Sports and Physical Recreation Activities, Qld,
Pay Periodicity Survey,
Perinatal Deaths,
Personal and Household Goods Hire,
Personal Finance,
Persons Aged 50 Years and Over, Queensland,
Persons Employed at Home,
Persons Not in the Labour Force,
Persons Who Have Left the Labour Force,
Persons Who Re-entered the Labour Force,
Plant Hire and Leasing,
Population and Housing (Census of),
Population and Housing (Census of) Post-enumeration Survey,
Population Estimates, National, State and Territory,
Population Estimates, Sub-state,
Population Mobility, Queensland,
Population Mobility, Victoria,
Population Projections,
Population Survey Monitor,
Poultry and Game Birds Slaughtered,
Preferred Working Hours of Wage and Salary Earners, Queensland,
Principal Transport Enterprises (Survey of),
Private Health Establishments Collection,
Producer Prices (Survey of),
Productivity, Prices, Profits and Pay, 1964-65 to 1989-90,
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, Australia,
Public Financial Enterprises Capital Expenditure - Quarterly,
Public Libraries,