Energy Use, Selected Industries Survey

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    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

    The ABS Energy Survey (ABSES) is an important collection for Australia's energy accounts. It collects benchmarking information on Energy Use across the non-household sectors of the domestic Australian Economy as well as Energy Supply in the form of petroleum products (including diesel) and Electricity. The benchmarks are also to feed into the Energy Supply and Use statistics that are produced by ABARE.

    The survey covers a range of selected energy and fuel types which are used by industry. These fuel types include petroleum products (including diesel), coal/coke, renewable sources, electricity, LPG, Natural Gas.

    The survey is constrained with a maximum sample size of 16,000. RSEs are to be discussed with the main stakeholder of the survey.

    The ABS needs to collect the information to support quality decisions in energy policy for Australia. Quality information is needed in this critical area for the economic development of the Australian economy and energy conservation initiatives such as the renewable energy targets. The information is needed for the greenhouse gas inventory and as a means of meeting Australia's informal international agreements such as the Kyoto emission targets.

    The data will also feed into the ABS' energy accounts for Australia (4604.0).

    The collection covers supply and use of fuels and energy for the 2001/02 financial year. On the use side the scope of the collection is Australian domestic non-household use of fuels and energy. On the supply side it is energy and fuel supply to the Australian market by major suppliers.

    Coverage will be through the ABS/ATO common frame from June 2002 for all covered industries.

    The frame will not cover: ANZSIC Sub-Divisions 01 due to frame quality issues; 63 and 64 due to conceptual reasons in reportage and identifying Australian use; Sub-Division 97 which rightly falls into the household sector of the economy; ANZSIC class 8130 which is predominantly non-domestic; and classes 8111, 8120 and 8200 which will be collected through administrative by-product collection.

    In all of the covered ANZSIC classes some undercoverage of very low activity businessess will occur to exclude insignificant users.


    Conceptual framework
    All businesses in Australia use some form of energy. This is divided up into a number of fuel/energy types and by industry (ANZSIC based). There are a range of industry groupings for which information is required to fill in the current data gaps for the energy supply and demand tables constructed by ABARE as well as a need to re-exam other benchmarks on a consistent basis. The possible output industry classes are given below:

    ANZSIC Based Output Levels
    All of Australia
    Division A (excl 01)
    Division B
    Division C
    Division D
    Division E
    Divisions F/G
    Divisions H/P/Q
    Division I (excl 63,64)
    Division J
    Divisions K/L
    Division M
    Divisions N/O
    Subdivision 11
    Subdivision 12
    Subdivision 13
    Subdivision 14
    Subdivision 15
    Subdivision 21
    Subdivision 22
    Subdivision 23
    Subdivision 24
    Subdivision 25
    (except Group 251)
    Subdivision 26
    Subdivision 27
    (except Group 271)
    Subdivision 28
    Subdivision 29
    Subdivision 61
    Subdivision 62
    Subdivisions 65/66/67
    Subdivision 77
    Subdivisions 84/87
    Subdivision 86
    Group 251
    Group 271
    Group 361
    Group 362
    Group 371
    Group 711
    Group 712

    The major fuel/energy types are given below:
    Natural Gas
    Coal/Coke and by-products
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    Automotive Petrol
    Diesel Fuels
    Other Petroleum products
    Wood/wood waste

    Certain types of businesses also produce, refine, generate or provide fuels and energy for use in the Australian economy. The supply of identified major fuel and energy types collected on a comparable basis to usage is needed both for the energy and demand tables as well as to examine non-industry (household) usage without running a major household collection.

    Fuel and energy types covered are:
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    Automotive Petrol
    Automotive Diesel Oil
    Aviation Turbine Fuel
    Aviation Gasolene
    Heating Oil
    Fuel Oils
    Industrial Diesel Fuel

    Main outputs
    Energy and fuel use estimates cross classified by selected industry and fuel type and supply of selected energy and fuels. Where possible state estimates will be provided.

    ABARE fuel types
    ASGC (State and Australia only- if applicable)

    Other concepts (summary)
    Non-employing businesses will be included in coverage. These are defined as those ATO maintained entities with active tax roles but no active income tax withholding role.

    New South Wales
    South Australia
    Western Australia
    Northern Territory

    Comments and/or Other Regions
    Measuring Australian domestic use only

    Once Only

    Frequency comments
    Once off - pending funding

    New survey


    Data availability comments
    Datacubes available for purchase on ABS@. Summary data published as Main features, available for no cost on ABS website.

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