1301.0 - Year Book Australia, 2007  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 24/01/2007   
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Summarised Contents

    Surf Lifesaving - An Australian icon in transition
    Australians in Antarctica
    Discovering the continent of ice - Antarctica in world history
    Antarctica - in from the cold
    Geography and Climate
      Geography of Australia
      Australia's climate
      Article - 2005 Australia's warmest year on record
      Article - Averaging periods in climate
      Constitutional basis of government
      The Sovereign
      The Governor-General
      Commonwealth Parliament
      Australian Government
      Australian Public Service
      Commonwealth elections
      State government
      Territory government
      Local government
      Political parties
      Reference notes
    International Relations
      Australia's credentials and place in the international system
      Australia's bilateral relationships
      Australia's security interests
      Australia's economic interests
      Australia's environment interests
      Australia's engagement with the United Nations
      Australia and the Commonwealth
      Australia's human rights policy
      Role of DFAT in Australia's international relations
      Australian overseas aid program (AusAid)
      Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
      Article - Australia and Antarctica
      Strategic environment
      Population size and growth
      Population projections
      Geographic distribution of the population
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population
      Article - Fertility and its effect on Australia's future population
      Article - Infant mortality over the last 100 years
      International migration
      Country of birth
      Marriages, divorces and de facto relationships
      Households and families
      Labour market statistics
      Labour force
      Employed people
      Article - Barriers and incentives to labour force participation
      Article - Retirement and retirement intentions
      Unemployed people
      Persons not in the labour force
      Article - Locations of work
      Underutilised labour
      Industrial relations
      Job vacancies
    Income and Welfare
      Household income, expenditure and wealth
      Income support and other community support programs
      Types of dwellings
      Housing utilisation
      Home owners and renters
      Housing costs
      Home buyers
      Housing and life cycle stages
      Housing assistance
      National health information
      How Ausatralians rate their health
      Health status
      Article - Mortality trends among people aged 50 years and over
      Disability status
      Article - Chronic conditions and disability
      Article - Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
      Health risk factors
      Chronic disease
      Communicable diseases
      Health care delivery and financing
      Article - Life satisfaction and measures of progress
    Education and Training
      Government responsibilities in education
      Early childhood education
      Primary and secondary education
      Vocational and education and training (VET)
      Higher education
      Adult and community education (ACE)
      Participation in education
      Educational attainment
      Expenditure on education
      Article - Skilling mature age Australians for work
    Crime and Justice
      Criminal justice system
      Expenditure on public order and safety
      National crime statistics
      Article - Crime victimisation
      Article - Victims of household break-ins
      Article - Experience of personal violence
      Crimes recorded by police
      Drug offences
      Outcomes of police investigations
      Corrective services
      Most serious offence
      Community-based corrections
      Deaths in custody
    Culture and Recreation
      Sports and physical recreation
      Cultural diversity
    Industry Structure and Performance
      Evolution of Australian industry
      Value of goods and services produced by Australian industry
      Employment in industries
      Measures of industry structure and performance
      Industry productivity
      Agricultural environment
      Agriculture industry
      Agricultural production
    Forestry and Fishing
      Article - Fishing in Australia's Antarctic waters
      Mineral, oil and gas resources
      Expenditure on mineral and petroleum exploration
      Mining industry
      Production and trade of major minerals, oil, gas and petroleum
      Profile of major minerals, oils and gas
      Supply and use
      International trade in energy products
      Energy use
      Manufacturing industry
      Manufactured commodities
      Construction industry
      Construction activity
      Residential building
      Non-residential building
      Engineering construction
    Service Industries
      Service industries sector
      Selected service industries
      Tourism industry
      Article - Antarctic tourism
      International visitor arrivals
      Australian resident departures
      Visitor travel in Australia
      Tourist accommodation
      Transport and storage industry
      Transport activity
      Accidents, injuries and fatalities
      Transport equipment
    Information and Communication technology
      Telcommunication service industry
      Internet activity
      Information and communication technology (ICT) sector
      ICT-related research and experimantal development (R&D)
      Government technology
      Business use of information technology (IT)
      Article - Re-engineering the Census
    Environment and Heritage
      Biodiversity and land
      Managing waste
      Article - Managing waste in Antarctica
      Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change
      Water use and irrigation
      Environmental views and behaviour in Australian households
      Environmental assets
    Science and Innovation
      Expenditure and human resources devoted to R&D
      Resources devoted to R&D
    Financial system
      Regulatory framework
      Inter-sectoral financial flows
      Financial enterprises
      Financial markets
      Managed funds
      Lending by financial institutions
      Money and the payment system
    Government Finance
      Public sector
      Government financial statements for 2004-05
      Taxation revenue
      Concept of a price index
      Consumer price index (CPI)
      House price indexes
      Labour price index
      Producer price indexes
      International trade price indexes
    National Accounts
      Defining and measuring GDP
      Volume or 'real' GDP
      Chain price indexes and implicit price deflators
      National income, expenditure and product accounts
      State accounts
      National balance sheet
      Additional national accounts measures
    International Accounts and Trade
      International accounts
      International merchandise trade
      International trade in services