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Customised mapping service

ABS Information Consultancy offer two types of customised mapping services:

    • Customised thematic mapping services; and
    • Customised reference mapping services.

The digital geographic data used in these two services are generally 2006 Census Boundaries and digital base map data (major roads, rivers and railways plus localities), although other data are used where appropriate or required by the client.

Thematic maps are maps which show various geographic regions which are shaded or patterned, or use some other graphic tool (for example, different sized dots), to convey differences in a particular characteristic. Census data are a particularly popular source of data used for these types of maps as a wide range of characteristics are available for small areas. These areas and the associated statistics can then be aggregated to cover a wide range of differently shaped regions to suit various needs.

Customised thematic maps are available for all the Census Geographic Areas and most client-specified areas. These maps can incorporate statistical data from the Census and a wide range of other sources. Topographic data, such as roads, railway lines or features such as hospitals, schools and towns, are also available for inclusion in these thematic maps.

Reference maps are maps which show the boundaries and other non-statistical geographic information of particular geographic regions, usually in the context of the topographic features which define them. These types of maps are particularly important when using Census data as they help to define the extent of the Census Geographic Areas.

Customised reference maps are available to suit most client needs. These maps contain base map (topographic) data, Census Geographic Areas and/or client-specified boundaries. They do not contain any statistical data and they are not available without ABS boundaries of some description.

To place a mapping consultancy request, contact ABS Information Consultancy. Contact details for Information Consultancy are provided on the back cover of this publication.

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