Statistics by Catalogue Number

61. Labour statistics - general

6101.0Labour Statistics, Australia, 1997
6102.0Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2001
6102.0.55.001Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, Feb 2018
6103.0Labour Force Survey Standard Products and Data Item Guide, Jun 2016
6103.6Employment, Earnings and Other Labour Related Statistics, Tasmania, 1983-84
6104.0Labour Statistics in Brief, Australia, 2014
6104.1.40.001Monthly Regional Labour Force Statistics, New South Wales, Jan 1998
6105.0Australian Labour Market Statistics, July 2014
6106.0Labour Statistics News, Aug 2010
6106.0.55.001Information Paper: ABS Labour Market Statistics, Australia, 2003
6107.0Information paper: Outcomes of the Labour Household Surveys Content Review, 2012
6150.0Australian Labour Account: Concepts, Sources and Methods, Oct 2019
6150.0.55.001Labour Account Australia, Experimental Estimates, July 2017
6150.0.55.003Labour Account Australia, June 2020
6160.0Jobs in Australia, 2011-12 to 2016-17
6160.0.00.001Microdata: Jobs in Australia, JIA
6160.0.55.001Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia, Week ending 22 August 2020