Papers by Release Date

September, 2014

30/09/2014 Foundation for a National Data Collection and Reporting Framework for family, domestic and sexual violence, 2014 (cat no. 4529.0.00.003)
25/09/2014 Information paper: Product changes to the Financial Accounts: Finance and Wealth, 2014 (cat no. 5232.0.55.004)
19/09/2014 Research Paper: Methodological Approaches for Utilising Satellite Imagery to Estimate Official Crop Area Statistics (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014 (cat no. 1352.0.55.144)
05/09/2014 Research Paper: Exploring Methods to Estimate the Intercensal Population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014 (cat no. 1352.0.55.140)
05/09/2014 Research Paper: Modelling the Short-Term Dynamics of Unemployment Using the ABS Longitudinal Labour Force Survey File (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014 (cat no. 1352.0.55.142)
05/09/2014 Research Paper: Response Modelling for the 2016 Census Enumeration Model (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014 (cat no. 1352.0.55.136)