Papers by Release Date

July, 2016

26/07/2016 ABS Stats Mobile Application, Jul 2016 (cat no. 1310.0)
26/07/2016 Discussion Paper: Proposed Changes to Statistical Codes in the Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification, 2017 (cat no. 5368.0.55.022)
11/07/2016 Information Paper: Increasing the Frequency of CPI Expenditure Class Weight Updates, July 2016 (cat no. 6401.0.60.002)
11/07/2016 International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List, Jun 2016 (cat no. 5372.0.55.001)
08/07/2016 Information paper: Upcoming changes to spreadsheet series IDs in National Income, Expenditure and Product, Jul 2016 (cat no. 5206.0.55.005)
01/07/2016 Information Paper: Measuring Overcount and Undercount in the 2016 Population Census, Jul 2016 (cat no. 2940.0.55.002)