Papers by Release Date

February, 2006

22/02/2006 Information Paper: Changes to Time Series Spreadsheets for Construction Work Done, Australia, Preliminary, Dec 2005 (cat no. 8755.0.55.002)
16/02/2006 Research Paper: A Review of Confidentiality Protections for Statistical Tables (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005 (cat no. 1352.0.55.072)
16/02/2006 Research Paper: Decomposition of Movement Estimates as a Diagnostic Tool for Repeated Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005 (cat no. 1352.0.55.073)
16/02/2006 Research Paper: Estimation Methodologies Using Taxation Data for ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005 (cat no. 1352.0.55.070)
16/02/2006 Research Paper: Exploring Methods for Creating a Longitudinal Census Dataset (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005 (cat no. 1352.0.55.076)
16/02/2006 Research Paper: The General Application of Significance Editing to Economic Collections (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2004 (cat no. 1352.0.55.066)
10/02/2006 Information Paper: Improved Methods for Estimating Net Overseas Migration, 2006 (cat no. 3107.0.55.003)
08/02/2006 Discussion paper: ABS Pricing Policy Review Outcomes - Public Consultation, 2006 (cat no. 1399.0)